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Top 5 Best Players in the NBA Right Now at each position

Today we bring you the best players in the NBA right now from point guard to center. We are listing down the best of the best the NBA has to offer.

Last updated: 10.05.2021
Best Players in the NBA Right Now at each position | Sports Social Blog

With a number of big superstar names already in the league, there are some new faces that are also bringing their A-game to the court. Some of the rookies of the 2021 draft have been phenomenal and a lot of other players have not disappointed either.

However today we are listing down the best of the best the NBA has to offer. Today we bring you the best players in the NBA right now from point guard to center.


1.   Point Guard - Stephen Curry

With the departure of Kevin Durant and the injury to Klay Thompson that sidelined him for another year, everyone predicted the Warriors to be dead last but Curry has surpassed all expectations. The limitless range with a hand in his face and Curry still manages to knock it down.

Teams have started creating their defense around how to contain Stephen Curry and his ridiculous shooting. You can try to put the clamps on him, double team him or even foul him, Curry still somehow manages to not only get his shot off but convert the basket as well.

Teams have not found a way to contain his shooting yet and Curry keeps on lighting them up from behind the arc.


Nominee - Damian Lillard


2.   Shooting Guard - James Harden

This is the same man that had consecutive 50 point games and a streak of 40 point games when he was in Houston. Harden has recently developed into a ball facilitator in Brooklyn but you give Harden the ball and get out of the way and watch him get another 40 point 15 assist game right in front of you.

'The Beard' has a nifty handle on the ball, and is able to create a shot for himself at will. Harden has patented his step back jumper which at times seems quite unguardable. And if you close up on him behind the arc, he knows just where to find the space to drive inside and finish.


Nominee - Bradley Beal/Devin Booker


3. Small Forward - LeBron James

There was no question about this one, LeBron still is the best small forward in the league, hands down. At age 36, there is rarely anything LeBron cannot accomplish on the floor.

LeBron has the ability to elevate his game at will. And he does that when it counts the most, the NBA playoffs. Regardless of the playoffs, LeBron has excellent IQ, vision and skill. He not just carries the team on his back but makes his team members into better players.


Nominee - Kevin Durant


4. Power Forward - Giannis Antetekounmpo

At power forward, we have the 'Greek Freak'. Though Giannis came off into the league as a small forward but since then has moved onto the power forward position due to his insane jump, athleticism, wingspan and strength.

Giannis truly is a freak. There isn't anyone in the league that can match Giannis's long strides down the court. No power forward is fast enough and if they possess the agility, Giannis overpowers them with his strength. A true mismatch on the floor, Giannis is no doubt the best power forward right now.


Nominee - Anthony Davis


5. Center - Nikola Jokic

'The Joker', Nikola Jokic is our choice for the best center in the NBA right now. Some people might disagree with Jokic and choose Embiid over him, but here are some facts.

You can put the team on Embiid's back and he is definitely going to will you to victory however Jokic can do the same thing while putting up not just better numbers but also making his teammates better as well.

The passing vision that Jokic has being a center is unbelievable and an absolute sight to see. Jokic can even run the ball and sometimes the entire offense runs through him when needed. Though Jokic and Embiid both are in the MVP race, for us the winner is 'The Joker'.


Nominee - Joel Embiid

Some other names who will be the next superstars of the league are-:

  • Luka Doncic

  • Jason Tatum

  • Zion Williamson

  • Ja Morant

  • Trae Young

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