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NBA's 5 Biggest Wins Of All Time

Even though everyone in the NBA is talented, there are times when one team dramatically overpowers another. In this article, We look at the NBA’s biggest wins of all time.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 16.12.2021
biggest nba wins of all time

Even though everyone in the NBA is talented, there are times when one team dramatically overpowers another. Basketball is a fast game that requires everyone to be at 100% all the time, so as soon as you slip up, the other team will rush into their new advantage spot, and you’ll have little time to correct your mistake. Even Fanduel's NBA picks could fall at the final hurdle. 

Today we will show you the 5 biggest margins in the NBA!

1. Memphis Grizzlies vs Oklahoma City Thunder - 152 to 79

In the 2021 to 2022 season, the Grizzlies created the biggest win in NBA history. The last time someone had made such a triumph was 30 years prior, which should tell you just how rare this type of win is.

With a 73 point margin, the whole of the NBA was sitting in shock as the Grizzlies produced shot after shot, pummeling the Thunders.

This amazing record wasn’t the only one broken that night, as the Grizzlies also created a personal best by reaching the highest points scored in a game. And all of this happened while Ja Morant was benched due to a sprained knee. Imagine what could have happened if Morant had made it to the court!

2. Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami Heat - 148 to 80

In the 1991 to 1992 season, the Cleveland Cavaliers took the title of largest margin winners, and until recently, that statement still stood. The reason behind their epic dominance came from free agent John Battle and recently re-signed Mike Sanders.

In the two seasons prior, the Cavaliers were constantly losing players to injuries. During the 1991 to 1992 games, not one person had to be benched for safety. Imagine the power the Cavaliers could have shown if the same luck fell on them in 1989 - 1990 and 1990 - 1991. Many say that the same feat wouldn’t have been achieved because it was Battle's fierce playing style and Sanders wall-like blocking technique which allowed the 148 lead to remain unchallenged.

3. Indiana Pacers vs Portland Trail Blazers - 124 to 59

In 1991 the NBA had the biggest marginal separation of all time, and then 6 years later, the unthinkable happened again. The Indiana Pacers whipped the floor with the so-called Blazers. The Pacers really pushed to beat the newly formed world record but lost by a hair’s breadth. With a 65 point margin, the Pacers were just 3 points shy of joining the Cleveland Cavaliers and their title of biggest win.

The most impressive part of the whole game was the Pacers’ ability to stop their opponent from reaching the 60 point mark. The Portland Trail Blazers were known for their offensive tactics, but somehow the Pacers outwitted their enemy and kept them well below their normal scoring numbers.

The Indiana coach Larry Bird said that the amazing win comes from the first-half dedication to defense. The strong wall of players allowed the Pacers to recover quickly, deny movement to the Blazers and keep on top of their half. As the man himself said, “I don't think we've played defense any better than that.”

4. Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors - 162 to 99

Before the Cavaliers, the team to boast the largest margins was the Los Angeles Lakers, back in the 1971 to 1972 season. Not only did this game produce the largest margin at the time, but it also remains one of the best games of basketball history.

Led by Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, and Gail Goodrich, these three were considered the best trio of their time. Together they created a 33 game winning streak that was topped off by this 63 score point margin.

During the performance, not one person hogged the limelight. Instead, all but one of the eight players managed to score into the double digits, showing off a team of pure talent.

When this game started, the Lakers wanted to show everyone just how amazing they were. The smell of blood was in the air. The thing is, the Golden State Warriors were also doing amazingly at the time. This game was to decide it all. Everyone expected it to be a close match, but in the end, the Lakers were the undeniable winners. The fact that they beat the Warriors was one thing, but they destroyed them and created a record at the same time!

5. Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings - 153 to 91

Anyone watching this 1991 game would have known from the word “go” that it was going to be special. After the first quarter alone, the score was 48 to 18, and the difference in points continues from there.

The Warriors were doing so well that they almost broke the record for most points scored by one person during a game. Chris Mullin scored 32 points during this match and was just 1 away from claiming that title!

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