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Golden State Warriors ready for war

Finishing last in the western conference without the splash brothers on court due to injuries actually brought Golden State some prosperity as they got the 2nd overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft. The lineup is going to be exciting to watch.

Last updated: 09.12.2020
Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors - Splash Brothers | Sports Social Blog

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Finishing last in the western conference without the splash brothers on court due to injuries actually brought Golden State some prosperity as they got the 2nd overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft and used it on the Memphis state bigman James Wiseman, a definite win in my column.

If the splash brothers weren't enough to stretch the floor & knock down limitless 3's, Golden State got the best shooting center in the draft with James Wiseman. At 7'1, Wiseman is a big body who grabs a ton of rebounds and finishes hard around the rim. His lean, athletic build lets him get off the floor quicker and higher than other players which really plays a big role in his game.

That was the latest addition Golden State made to their roster. Apart from that, a few roster changes in the past season like Andrew Wiggins has been another excellent decision by the front office. Wiggins stepped in when Curry & Thompson weren't there and scored in bunches, averaging 21.8 ppg last season which is a spike compared to his last 2 seasons in Minnesota. Wiggins is a slasher but has developed his mid-range and 3point game over the years.


Video: Golden State Warriors - Blessings in Disguise

But if one slasher wasn't enough, Golden State went ahead and got another one this offseason. Kelly Oubre Jr. is a fearless and ferocious dunker. It feels as if Oubre doesn't care about his safety and just plummets to the rim with extreme force and has also posterized a lot of defenders. Oubre has a similar playing style as Wiggins but Wiggins in those terms is a much better shooter than Kelly Oubre Jr.

Eric Paschall, a second round pick by the Warriors in the 2019 draft has turned a lot of heads with his game and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Though undersized at the power forward position, his athleticism lets him jump higher than the taller defenders on the floor and seems as if he has a knack for those putback dunks and also times his jump perfectly.

Draymond Green did the best he could to be the team's defensive leader but without a true leader on offense, his efforts too went a bit in vain. Though Green isn't liked much around the league, his intimidating defense and trash talking does let him get into the opponent's head where he then takes the advantage and rips the player apart on defense. I'm sure out of all, Draymond Green must've missed kicking out loose balls on the offensive board to the splash brothers waiting out to knock down 3's.

I feel as if Golden State has made all the right moves to surround Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson with players who don't tangle with their playstyle.

Though another season ending injury suffered by Klay Thompson has put Golden State in the backseat as they wanted a full healthy trio of Curry, Thompson & Green on the floor. Without Klay Thompson, I doubt the Warriors will be a serious title contender because Thompson not only brings steady, consistent shooting but also excellent perimeter defense on the floor. With Stephen Curry expected to make a full recovery, let's see how he gels up with the newly added James Wiseman and will also finally play alongside Andrew Wiggins for the first time. Now that is a lineup which is going to be exciting to watch.


Current Superstars - Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson.

Past Superstars - Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis.

Past Legends - Wilt Chamberlain, Nate Thurmond, Rick Barry, Chris Mullin, Mitch Richmond.

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