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Top 10 greatest NBA players of all time

As most lists go of the greatest NBA players of all time, the names do get quite similar but here's to hoping you take delight in reading this article, getting to know new opinions and perspectives and question your own in the process.

Last updated: 03.05.2021
greatest nba players of all time

Here we compile the list of top 10 best NBA players of all time:

10. Stephen Curry

Nothing against Wilt, it's just that Stephen Curry has surpassed Wilt Chamberlain as the all time greatest Warrior and also in the top 10 list as well. What Stephen Curry has been doing for the past few years has been nothing less than spectacular and this year, with the departure of Durant to the Brooklyn Nets and losing Klay Thompson & James Wiseman to injuries, instead of shutting down, he's been on a tear, shutting down teams just by himself.

As they say, 'Steph gonna Steph'. Stephen Curry is our latest addition to the top 10 greatest to ever play the game.

9. Shaquille O'Neal

As most lists go of the greatest basketball players of all time, the names do get quite similar but here's to hoping you take delight in reading this article, getting to know new opinions and perspectives and question your own in the process.

So onto Number 9, Shaquille O'Neal. The big diesel is easily the most overpowering and dominating centers in terms of sheer brute strength. There wasn't anyone in the league strong enough to defend O'Neal in the paint.

The 4 rings are just cherries on top of a marvelous career Shaquille O'Neal had in the NBA. And that is why, Shaq comes at number 9.

8. Larry Bird

That's right, we got uncle Larry at number 8. Those who might argue that Shaq is ahead of Larry, to that I'd say, Larry's shooting. Bird's clutch and deadly shooting easily puts him ahead of O'Neal, who struggled in that area.

Apart from Bird's shooting, his passing and basketball IQ were something to behold everytime he stepped on the court. Bird knew just where and when to pass the ball to his teammates, set off-ball and on-ball screens, when to pick or fade and how to get the edge over his defender.

One time while shooting a commercial, Larry Bird was asked to shoot a free throw in such a way that he missed that shot. So I think it's safe to say, Bird gave them a lot of re-takes just due to his natural shooting form that was embedded into him.

7. Magic Johnson

This is can be argued about as well. Why Magic ahead of Shaq & Larry? Well, for starters, 5 championships. But that's not the main reason why we have Magic 'Earl' Johnson ahead of Shaq & Larry. Shaq had overpowering strength whereas Bird had knockdown shooting in his arsenal but both needed the ball in their hands to be productive on the floor whereas Magic would pass the ball out to open teammates and create flashy passes in the lanes.

Shaq and Bird were the kind of players the team relied on whereas Johnson made the whole team better, a complete floor general.

6. Bill Russell

The man with the most NBA championships under his belt. With 11 rings under his belt, Russell was relentless. Though there's very little footage of Russell's game but the stat sheet he stuffed, every single night was a thing to behold.

Russell being an undersized center as compared to Wilt, he constantly snagged rebounds and scored put-back baskets. If his teammates missed, you could be sure Bill Russell would fly in and swoop that board.

5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

You know Kareem would definitely make this list of the greatest of all time. The man with the most points in NBA history, there was very little that Kareem could not do on the floor. Getting constant blocks and deflections on the defensive end and the unstoppable sky Hook shot Kareem had patented with was nearly unguardable.

Apart from that, Kareem knew his way around the post and complimented Magic Johnson very well. These two also went onto become one of the most iconic duo's of 90's basketball ever seen. Though obviously behind Jordan and Pippen.

4. LeBron James

If LeBron ends up winning another championship in the 2021-22 NBA playoffs then he is definitely going to surpass the guy next on this list.

But for now, LeBron is at number 4. James has been one of the most consistent players to dominate the league for so long. About to enter the twilight of his career, James can still run and gun better than most young forwards in the league. He can pass, shoot, rebound and also completely lock down his opponent on the defensive side too. At age 36, LeBron is probably the only player to stay in such fine shape and regularly put on a show any given night.

3. Tim Duncan

Having 'The Big Fundamental', Tim Duncan ahead of LeBron may stir up the pot a bit but Timmy rightfully earns this place. The only reason he isn't at number 2 is to not stir up the pot too much.

During his 19 year long illustrious career with the San Antonio Spurs, Duncan never missed out on the playoffs. A 5 time NBA champion, 3 finals MVP's, 2 regular season MVP's and a 15 time all-star, Duncan was the epitome of silent leadership and reliability. Though Duncan did not have the most insane dunks or the most eye-opening stats but he always kept the Spurs afloat and also came clutch whenever the team needed him to.

2. Kobe Bryant

Speaking of clutch, it would be straight up unfair to call some other player more clutch than The Black Mamba. Kobe really had every move in his bag of tricks. Being a shooting guard, his post-game was phenomenal. And with all the load Kobe took on offense, his hustle and intensity never waivered when it came to defense either.

Kobe had one of the most beautiful jumpshots and fadeaways in the game. He would drill down the game winning shot even with a hand right in his face. Kobe's work ethic was unparalleled and will continue to inspire millions, even after his unfortunate departure.

1. Michael Jordan

The G.O.A.T. of basketball if you will, is there anything about His Airness that hasn't already astounded players and fans to this day?

Not just talented but gifted, Air Jordan would always do justice to his nickname while gliding over defenders and posterizing them with his tongue out, Jordan style.

An absolute pest on defense, the whole opposing team had to keep an eye out for where Jordan was on the floor at all times during their offense.

And when on offense, even his teammates knew to just give the ball to Jordan and get out of the way. Even the opposing team knew Jordan would be their go to preference on offense. Hell, the whole arena would know that Jordan's going to take the last shot, and also drain it as well.

This level of assurance everyone had and still do is one of the things that make Jordan the best player to ever play the game of basketball.

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