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Legacy of Chicago Bulls in NBA

The Chicago Bulls were the first team in the NBA to be recognised all around the globe becoming a global phenomenon. It was all due to Chicago Bulls star guard, Michael Jordan.

Last updated: 12.09.2020
Legacy of Chicago Bulls in NBA | Sports Social Blog

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Easily falling in the top 3 of the most popular basketball teams in the world, if not number one, come the Chicago Bulls.

The Chicago Bulls were the first team in the NBA to be recognised all around the globe becoming a global phenomenon. It was all due to Chicago Bulls star guard, Michael Jordan. It wasn't that Jordan was the best scorer on the team or the best defender but in fact it was him being the best at everything he did that included both offense and defense. He could easily shoot the ball and drive in for the easy layup, could make 3's consistently over the game, was an excellent facilitator when it came to sharing the ball and could guard almost any position if he wanted to. Jordan was a beast on defense and all the players on the opposing team always had to keep an eye on where Jordan was on the court at all times.


One of the attributes that made Jordan the GOAT of basketball was his hangtime. Simply put, hang time was the amount of time a player can stay in the air while jumping and Jordan's vertical was unbelievable. Even Magic couldn't help himself complimenting Jordan on the amount of time he'd have in the air while others had already come down on the ground. There may be very few other players who've had a higher vertical than Jordan but his airtime is still unbeatable.

That also got him one of his nicknames, His Airness.

Jordan went onto win 6 NBA championships with the Bulls getting them their only championships ever alongside Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen with whom he had formed a deadly overpowering duo as Scottie could easily play point too and facilitated the ball splendidly. And to compliment their game was a beast on the board in Dennis Rodman. Rodman's game

was to only guard the toughest assignment on the other team, nothing else. He didn't have to run the ball or be a scoring option but the only thing he was supposed to do and was insanely great at it was being a defensive anchor for the team and a lockdown defender. Rodman once finished the game with 0 points and 28 rebounds along with a couple of blocks. If that doesn't say enough about his defensive prowess then nothing else will.

Since then the only hope Bulls fans had was when they had drafted Chicago native Derrick Rose as their number 1 pick in the draft but after Rose having an injury riddled career, all hopes ever since have absolutely died down and currently the Bulls are in rebuilding mode for now. There did come a time when Jimmy Butler rose to the occasion and became a perennial star for

the Bulls but sour relationships between Jimmy Butler and Bulls front office made them part ways.

Led by Zach Lavine who was acquired in a trade for Jimmy Butler to Minnesota and a bright rookie in Coby White, Bulls may have some hope for the future after adding another star bigman to their lineup but for now are out of the playoff contention and are focusing on the coming years

and so.

Though the legacy that Michael Jordan has left behind, it'll be hard for anyone to follow that up.

  • Current Superstar - Zach Lavine.

  • Past Superstars - Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler.

  • Past Legends - Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman.

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