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The NBA Playoffs Best Teams Who Fell Short

In the end, only one can win but every team and individual player gives their best effort. Here we take a look at the best teams of NBA Playoffs who fell short this season.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 02.08.2021
NBA Playoffs 2020-21 Best Teams Who Fell Short

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Basketball fans wait all year for the NBA playoffs. This is the highest level of the sport, and often the most exciting as all of the competing teams can see the championship up ahead and are playing their hearts out to reach it. In the end, only one can win but every team and individual player gives their best effort. These teams in particular demonstrated how badly they wanted the championship this past season.


Philadelphia 76ers



Philadelphia was ecstatic as the 76ers entered the NBA playoffs for the 4th year in a row. Anytime the 76ers are in the playoffs the entire city gets into the spirit. For instance, the Pennsylvania branch of the sportsbook Unibet is usually guaranteed to have their own Unibet promo around the NBA playoff season that may be for free bets or welcome bonuses for new users. This year was special as the city thought that it was the 76ers' time for a championship.


In the first round, the 76ers faced off against the Washington Wizards. They managed to beat them cleanly in a 4-1 series. However, the next round would see them face off against higher competition. Going up against the Atlanta Hawks, the 76ers knew they had to be at their best for this series. We saw several close games in this series, but ultimately the Hawks would win 4-3.


Despite this, the 76ers still played well and deserve recognition. On the defensive side, the 76ers saw excellent performances from Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Embiid averaged 10.5 total rebounds in every game throughout the playoffs, despite nagging knee injuries. Simmons also demonstrated why he is one of the best point guards in the league with aggressive defensive playing throughout. Other players like Tobias Harris went above and beyond as well, including a 37-point game against the Washington Wizards.


Brooklyn Nets


The  Brooklyn Nets were one of the favorites to win the playoffs by far. With their now overpowering roster of the league's top talent, it was all but certain they would make a deep playoff run. Their lineup now includes Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin and one of the highest-paid players currently, James Harden.


After a very strong 48-24 season, the Nets entered the playoffs with a burning determination. They swept the Boston Celtics in a 4-1 series before facing off against the soon-to-be champions, the Milwaukee Bucks. They sadly lost here after a very competitive 4-3 series.


The Nets played admirably and gave Brooklyn fans a reason to be excited for next season. Harden averaged 20.2 points per game and sank over 30% of his 3-pointers. Kevin Durant is the real MVP however, pulling through when the team needed him most. This playoff run included a miraculous 49-point game for Durant against the Milwaukee Bucks in game 5. This was arguably the most impressive performance of his celebrated career. There is no limit to what this team will achieve next season.


Los Angeles Clippers


In the Western Conference, the Clippers deserve a nod of their own. Every step of the way was a fight for the Clippers and they showed their fans that they are willing to fight to the bitter end for a championship. The team ultimately made it to the Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns where they fell in a 4-2 series.


The Clippers entered the playoffs as 4th in their conference. After a close 4-3 series victory over the Dallas Mavericks, they picked up momentum and beat the Utah Jazz 4-2 before going on to face the Suns. With numerous players injured, the Clippers had their backs to the wall and still managed to keep winning. Forward Paul George carried the team, averaging 26.9 points per game. If the Clippers had Kawhi Leonard in, they may have been able to push through to the championship.

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