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Did Pelicans Hit a Jackpot?

The NBA Trades are ongoing and One of the biggest Trade Saga has finally gone down to its conclusion. Anthony Davis has been Traded from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Last updated: 18.06.2019
Anthony Davis Traded From Pelicans to Lakers | Sports Social Blog

One of the biggest Trade Saga has finally gone down to its conclusion. Anthony Davis has been Traded from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange of Lonzo Ball, Brandan Ingram, Josh Hart, No.4 Draft Pick in this week’s draft two future first-round picks (2021 if it falls 1-8, or 2022 unprotected, and the Lakers' 2024 first-rounder with the right to defer until 2025), and the Pelicans can also swap first-round picks with the Lakers in 2023.

Complicated isn’t it? But this has led to a debate between the media all around the globe and the NBA. Who’s the winner and who the loser in this trade is? 26-year-old Anthony Davis is currently in his prime where his resume majorly includes a 6 Time All-Star accolades. Playing alongside him is 34-year-old aging LeBron James. He has almost accomplished everything that has to be in the NBA and now he is aiming to bring the glory days back at the Lakers. But, at what cost and was Anthony Davis the desired trade at this point of time.

Looking at the Lakers Squad in the year 2018 – 19,

  1. LeBron James / Reggie Bullock

  2. Kyle Kuzma / Alex Caruso

  3. Brandon Ingram/ Lance Stephenson / Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

  4. Lonzo Ball / Rajon Rondo/ Josh Hart

  5. JaVale McGee / Tyson Chandler / Mike Muscala

A solid young core with a few veterans had a successful 1st half of the season, but the major issue with the team was their inconsistent shooting throughout the year. They averaged 47% in shooting averages where 54.1% was 2 PT shooting and a merely 30% in 3 point shooting.

Now looking at the trades.

1. Brandon Ingram averaged 52% from the 2 PT and 33% 3 PT shooting where he was the most athletic athlete on the field

2. Lonzo Ball - A pass 1st shooting guard who formed a formidable partnership with LeBron James where he averaged almost 42% on the field

3. Josh Hart – 2019 Summer League MVP was excellent off the bench player who formed a great cover for the injured Lonzo Ball and he averaged almost 40% shooting.

Here the major impact should have been created in the area were shooting the ball had to be considered. Unrestricted Free Agents like Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, and Jimmy Butler had to be favoured 1st than the recent trade.

However, this could be improved as the NBA Free Agency Progresses. But for now, it is easily be concluded that the New Orleans Pelicans have hit a Jackpot. If the team stays together with the addition of Zion Willamson and the 4th Round pick, the Pelicans are heading for a new dynasty. Let us now see how the Pelicans starting 5 would look the next season.

  1. Julius Randle

  2. Zion Williamson

  3. Lonzo Ball

  4. Brandon Ingram

  5. Jrue Holiday.

Now the NBA Trades have already started to spice it up, the NBA 2019 – 20 is heading for a blockbuster.

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