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One of the Surprising Trades for the Season

From questionable draft picks to surprising trades, the Sacramento Kings have never failed. Here check out one of the most surprising trades for the season, the Kings have managed to trade.

Last updated: 13.02.2022
One of the Surprising Trades for the NBA season 2021-22

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Sacramento Kings, the franchise can be considered one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the history of the game. From questionable draft picks to surprising trades, the Kings have never failed to be the talk of the season.

On the last week of the trade deadline, the Kings have managed to trade their sole shining star of the season and one of the best 3-point shooters for the season to the Indiana Pacers. Sacramento Kings is sending second-year guard Tyrese Haliburton, Buddy Hield, and Tristan Thompson to Indiana in exchange for two-time All-Star Domantas Sabonis, Jeremy Lamb, and Justin Holiday, as reported to ESPN.

Haliburton, 21, was chosen with the 12th pick in last year's draft and is was contracted until 2024. Hield, 29, is also signed through '24 on a contract with a declining value. And for the Pacers Sabonis, 25, is under contract for two more seasons following this one. Holiday, 32, is under contract until next year, while Lamb's contract expires this summer. Let's talk about this trade for this blog.


Indiana Pacers, a team that has made the NBA finals just once in the history of their emergence has been on a rebuild mode this season and it is difficult to make a better movie than this one for rebuilding than the Indiana Pacers did here. Sabonis – a former All-Star has been a good player but has not been someone of a Paul George stature where he single-handedly took Indiana to the Eastern Conference Finals a few years ago. With the incoming trade for asset Haliburton, a young, excellent shooter, a willing passer, and a playmaker and can be a focal point for the team in the future. Haliburton is the only player U-21 aged who shoots at least 40% from three on at least 4.5 attempts per game and 11th in assists.

Talking about Buddy Hield, a player who was chased by LA Lakers in the offseason is shipped to Indiana Pacers, is one of the league's best volume shooters who can be a contributor when placed in any NBA squad.

Talking about the Kings, there are no words to describe the thought process behind this trade. The only thing that can be concluded here is, they are thinking that the squad might go on a 20-25 games unbeaten streak and miraculously qualify for playoffs, which is not going to happen. Haliburton was their lone star this season with the likes of Fox and Bagley going on a downfall, he was the only player who was doing good. With Sabonis being the only asset who is from the trade and Lamb and Holiday just backup pieces, the trade is an absolute failure for the Kings.

At best, this is another puzzle for Sacramento. At worst, there's a good chance the Kings will be without Sabonis and Haliburton in two years, with no playoff berth to show for it.

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