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Phoenix Suns – Sun finally Shines

Phoenix Suns, one of the most decorated franchises of the NBA who has made careers of a lot of NBA Stars had been on a downfall since their last Playoffs appearance back in 2010. But Phoenix Suns are Different This Season.

Last updated: 02.05.2021
Phoenix Suns are Different This Season

Phoenix Suns, one of the most decorated franchises of the NBA who has made careers of a lot of NBA Stars had been on a downfall since their last Playoffs appearance back in 2010. Steve Nash, Amar’e Stoudemire, Jason Richardson were the Top 3 players in the squad followed by a young Goran Dragic, Robin Lopez back on the bench. The squad was 3rd in the stacked Western Conference and the season of 2009-10 was considered to be the most competitive one, where the 8th seed had a record of 50+ wins in a regular season. They even had an impressive Playoff back then led by Nash and Stoudemire where they defeated Portland Trailblazers in 6 games, swept the San Antonio Spurs in 4 games but eventually lost against Kobe Bryant led Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games in the Western Conference Finals.

Barbosa, Stoudemire, Nash and Marion – 2009-10 Season


Phoenix Suns were scattered post this season, an aging Steve Nash, Amar’e Stoudemire left Suns to join the New York Knicks, Jason Richardson moved to the Orlando Magic and the rest of the team went on a rebuilding phase.

Devin Booker Game winner Against LA Clippers


It's been a decade since the Phoenix Suns are in a rebuilding phase. One of the important Draft picks Phoenix Suns have managed to hold on to is Devin Booker. Booker was drafted as 13th overall pick way back in 2015 and made his debut in the NBA at just 18 years of age.

Let us have a look at Phoenix Suns seeding post 2009-10 season   

2019 – 20 = 10th Seed

2018 – 19 = 15th Seed

2017 – 18 = 15th Seed

2016 – 17 = 15th Seed

2015 – 16 = 14th Seed

2014 – 15 = 10th Seed

2013 – 14 = 9th Seed

2012 – 13 = 15th Seed

2011 – 12 = 10th Seed

2010 – 11 = 10th Seed

If we consider the average seeding of the Suns was 12th Seed in the past 10 seasons


Monte Williams – Head Coach of Phoenix Suns

So what has changed this season? Or the change was seen in the last season itself? One of the major moves that have caused this turnaround was the hiring of Monte Williams as the Head Coach. The Suns and Williams romance was destined and one which was needed for the Suns. Taking over one of the most down sided franchises in the NBA was not an easy task. Williams has always been a leader and a communicator throughout his career and was seen during his tenure with the New Orleans Pelicans.

CP3 Arrives at Phoenix

The second change or the trade that Phoenix Suns managed to pull off was of Chris Paul from the Oklahoma City Thunder. A certified Hall of Famer, multiple All-Star appearances, took New Orleans Hornets to the Playoffs, Houston Rockets to the NBA Western Conference Finals appearances, guiding Oklahoma City Thunder a team with a 0.2% probability of making the NBA Playoffs last season to a Number 5 seed and taking the stacked Houston Rockets to the Game 7. Here he is CP3, currently at No.4 in the MVP ladder in the latest rankings has taken this franchise from a Lottery team to a Championship contender within 5 months. He is considered to be one of the clutchest players in the History of the game. However, one accolade he is yet to achieve is the NBA Championship.

To sum it up, the Phoenix Suns has finally managed to qualify for the Playoffs and how. Outscoring each and every one that comes in the way. They have the best record against the teams who have a record of more than .500 this season. We will finally see Devin Booker in the Playoffs, salute to the player who did not demand a trade since his arrival in the NBA in 2015, and played 6 seasons before cutting the Playoffs.

Will the Suns upset the big guns? Will or can they Stop LA Lakers, LA Clippers once the Playoffs Arrive? One of the most beautiful stories in the current season will have a happy ending? Or will leave on a sad note? Will be one to look for.

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