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Richest NBA Teams and their net worth

Which are the richest clubs in the NBA? We answer the question and also list down our top 5 richest teams in the NBA. Though the top 5 list hasn't changed much over years, some teams have jumped ahead of others in that very span of top 5.

Last updated: 07.05.2021
Richest NBA Teams and their net worth

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With an approximate 80 to 100 Billion Dollar net worth of the entire National Basketball Association, one would think which are the richest clubs in the NBA. Are they the ones which win the most championships or the ones with the biggest arena and the most attendance ?

Today, we answer these questions and also list down our top 5 richest teams in the NBA. Though the top 5 list hasn't changed much over the years, some teams have jumped ahead of others in that very span of the top 5.

Boston Celtics


The 5th spot on the list of the top 5 richest teams in the NBA is held by the Boston Celtics with a net worth of 3.1 billion dollars. If we are going by the number of championships then the team with the second most championships in the league holds the 5th spot. The Celtics have always known the taste and power of greatness over their rivals. Though it's been over a decade since they won their last championship, the front office and the staff do a great job in recruiting sleepers in the draft and maximize them to their potential. And it is not going to be long when we see Celtic green in the NBA finals once again.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls really do owe it all to Michael Jordan. The level of fame, popularity and status Jordan got for the Bulls pays off to this day. With the number 4 spot come the Chicago Bulls with a net worth of 3.3 billion dollars. The Bulls haven't had much success since the Jordan era except for the rise and fall of Derrick Rose. They've missed the playoffs on a number of occasions yet the Bulls are still one of the most recognised NBA teams across the globe. And again, I feel they truly do owe it all to his airness, Michael Jordan.

Los Angeles Lakers

Earlier at the second spot of the richest teams in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers have a net worth of 4.6 billion dollars. A whole 100 million dollar jump from the last NBA franchise. The Lakers, much like the Celtics have always had a taste for greatness and dominance in their conference. So much so that they have always been referred to as the showtime Lakers because of the amount of money the Lakers front office splurges on players, signing big names in free agency which in turn makes the game time into showtime. The Lakers won the last NBA championship and are already building towards another one. If they win another consecutive championship, maybe that might help them regain their number 2 spot on this list.

Golden State Warriors

At number 2 on this list comes 'dub nation', the Golden State Warriors with a net worth of 4.7 billion dollars. Since 1999, the Golden State Warriors are the first team to stir things up in the top two spots on the richest NBA clubs list. Coming off some dazzling and dominating years in the NBA, the Warriors have very recently slowed down in their chase to the championship due to injuries and players leaving. However Stephen Curry has been holding his own and a lot of the team too. So I don't think their revenue is going to take a dip anytime soon.

New York Knicks

With the number 1 spot on this list, the New York Knicks come forth with a net worth of a whopping 5 billion dollars. The Knicks are the 3rd team in sports history to cross the 5 billion mark after the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees. The Knicks haven't made the playoffs since 2000 and have lost more than a majority of their games in their last 6 to 7 seasons in the league. Yet they still are the most profitable franchise in the NBA, thanks to a recent 1 billion dollar renovation to the Madison Square Garden and a lucrative TV deal. Though there is quite a chance that the Knicks will finally make the playoffs this year and end their 20 year long playoff drought.

Here are the teams with the lowest net worth:

Orlando Magic - $ 1.86 Billion

Detroit Pistons - $ 1.85 Billion

Minnesota Timberwolves - $ 1.4 Billion

New Orleans Pelicans - $ 1.35 Billion

Memphis Grizzlies - $ 1.3 Billion

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