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Top 5 Teams with best away wins record in NBA

In this article, check out the top 5 teams with the best away wins record in the NBA. In the NBA, an away victory is one that a team achieves while playing away from home, i.e., at the opponent's arena.

Last updated: 14.05.2023
Top 5 Teams with best away wins record in NBA

In the NBA, an away victory is one that a team achieves while playing away from home, i.e., at the opponent's arena. Away games can be more challenging since the visiting team frequently has to contend with an unfriendly crowd, travel weariness, and strange surroundings. Away victories are sometimes seen as particularly significant accomplishments since winning on the road is typically thought to be more difficult than winning at home. In the NBA, every team's objective is to win as many games as they can, whether they are played at home or away.


The confidence and team spirit boost that winning on the road offers is one of the main advantages. To succeed abroad from home, one must overcome several challenges including unfriendly crowds, travel weariness, and foreign terrain. Teams that can accomplish this effectively show that they have resilience and mental toughness, which can contribute to the development of a winning culture within the team. Success on the road might give an advantage and inspire confidence for upcoming contests. Here we take a look at the teams with best away record in the NBA:


● 2015-16 Golden State Warriors (34)

Golden State defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 125-104 to secure a 73-9 record. In an 82-game regular season, the Warriors won 73 games, making them the first and only team in NBA history to accomplish this feat. The 1995–96 Chicago Bulls were the greatest regular-season team in NBA history, but a team led by Steve Kerr beat them by one victory.

● 1995-96 Chicago Bulls (33)

The Bulls finished first in their division, conference, and the entire NBA, becoming the first NBA team to ever win 70 regular-season games. They also had the best home record in the league, going 39-2. They are also the first team in NBA history to win an NBA championship and over 70 games in the same calendar year.

● 2021-22 Phoenix Suns (32)

As the reigning Western Conference champions and favorites to make a second straight NBA Finals appearance, the Suns opened the season as favorites. In their 63rd victory versus the Los Angeles Lakers on April 5, the Suns surpassed the 62 victories of the 1992-93 and 2004-05 teams to set a new franchise record.

● 1996-97 Miami Heat (32)

The Heat had a 36-12 record at the All-Star break after a 9-game-winning run following a 5-4 start to the season. They then won 11 straight games in January and February. The squad also had the best road record in the league (32-9) and the best home record (29-12). Pat Riley, the head coach, received his third Coach of the Year award. In the NBA, the Heat had the top defensive team rating.

● 1974-75 Boston Celtics (32)

The Boston Celtics went into the season aiming to repeat as NBA champions, but they could not do so after losing in seven games to the Washington Bullets in the Eastern Conference Finals. They did, however, take first place in their category for the fourth straight year. The Celtics also posted a 32–9 record on the road.

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