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Top 5 Destinations where D’Angelo Russell should ‘Ideally Land’

After having a career season, securing his 1st ever All-Star selection and leading Brooklyn Nets team to the Playoffs, D’Angelo Russell now enters the free agency. Here are some possible destinations where D’Angelo Russell should land. 

Last updated: 28.06.2019
Top 5 Destinations where D'Angelo Russell should Ideally Land | Sports Social Blog

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D'Angelo Russell had a career year in the 2018-19 season and it just came at an ideal time for him. He secured his 1st ever All-Star selection and also led an inexperienced Brooklyn Nets to the Playoffs and now he enters the free agency with a massive pay rise.

The Brooklyn Nets still uncertain over the signing of Kyrie Irving, let us now see what could be the best possible destinations for D’Angelo Russell to take his career ahead.

5.    Indian Pacers


  • Indiana Pacers are considered to be one of the most hardworking teams in the NBA. They are not considered as the most talented team in the NBA, but the 2017 -18 Pacers nearly eliminated the LeBron led Cleveland Cavaliers out in the 1st round itself when they took them till Game 7 in the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs. 

  • Losing out Victor Oladipo in the 2nd half of the regular season, they still hung on the 5th seed and qualified for the Playoffs.

  • Myles Turner and a healthy Victor Oladipo forms a nice defensive base and then covering up Russell’s half-court game would be a deadly combination when they bring back Cory Joseph or Thaddeus Young on a low budget deals.

  • However shelling out a lot of money in the open market is not what Pacers are recognized for, but providing a helping hand to Oladipo ads up another star power alongside him.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves

  • Derrick Rose is almost certain on leaving the club and would likely join a team who would invest in him and would likely give him more years on the contract.

  • Which therefore leads Timberwolves without a solid starting Point Guard. They won’t put all the load on Jeff Teague who has yet to prove himself and his capabilities.

  • Andrew Wiggins who is still criticized for his lack of intent for the game despite having made comparisons to Kobe Bryant, he is still not been considered as a premier Shooting Guard.

  • Therefore Minnesota adding up a Star Point Guard with some attitude is the need of the hour for the Timberwolves. This could, therefore, help them to be a power in the West.

  1. Orlando Magic

  • Called as the Land of Wingspan. With developing players like Mo Bamba and the remaining project players with them which eventually help them to clinch the 7th seed and making a comeback in the Playoffs could be a potential landing spot for Russell.

  • However, one factor that could stop Russell going there is the former 1st round pick who was traded from the Philly, Markelle Fultz. He is considered to be a bust in his 1st two years and it’s just the time on how he develops himself or the Magic eventually trade him.

  • Also, All-Star Nikola Vucevic could also be on the move to much talked Sacramento Kings as he is a Free Agent.

  • Orlando is a tough team to talk about as they have a potential to become the future Milwaukee Bucks with a bunch of good players, with a bunch of good long players and also athletic players. 

  • So it is a very interesting situation at the Orlando Magic. He also has Co-Star Aaron Gordan to lead a team with

  1. Phoenix Suns

  • Phoenix Suns could be a match made in heaven for Russell. 1st he has the best young shooting guard in the NBA Devin Booker and from Day 1 they would form a deadly duo at the backcourt.

  • Along with the two, there is this big guy called DeAndre Ayton who was 3rd in the NBA Rookie of the Year standings who has the potential to become one of the best centres in the NBA.

  • Also, there is a lot of wing depth in the squad with players like Mikal Bridges, Kelly Oubre, Josh Jackson who has a potential to an All-Star in the future.

  • This could be an ideal situation for Russell if not the 1st team.

  1. Brooklyn Nets

  • D’Angelo Russell never ruled out a return back to the Nets. But he also mentioned that the NBA is business so he would probably play the role he likes in the team.

  • As the Nets are really keen of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant both, the possibility of landing Kevin Durant is slim as he is out for the next season due to injury. 

  • The duo of Russell and Kyrie could prove to be deadly as well barring they come on the conclusion of their gameplay.

  • However, there is certainly a limit on how much they would be ready to invest onto Russell as their best player as Caris LaVert cap space comes into the frame.

After getting traded from the Lakers, Russell has come back strong and is undoubtedly turning out to be a star.

Wherever he land’s up in this Free Agency, he would lead the team to their glory days.

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