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Top 5 best NBA power forwards of all time

Here is the list of top 5 best nba power forwards of all time. The big fundamental, Tim Duncan can still be considered the best Power Forward of all time due to his consistency to always make the playoffs and big time plays.

Last updated: 19.10.2020
Best nba power forwards of all time | Sports Social Blog

Here's the list of top 5 power forwards of all time in NBA history.

5. Elvin Hayes:

The number 1 pick in the 1968 draft, Elvin Hayes was probably one of the first pure Power Forwards in history. Listed at 6'9, Hayes played well above his height with his agility and lateral quickness. He could run the floor like a guard, pass the ball and post up every now and then. Hayes was more of a defensive mindset player but did not lack in offense. He eventually got the Washington Wizards won their only championship in 1978 and has his banner in the Wizards arena. This was a tough pick between Elvin Hayes and Kevin McHale but McHale never single handedly led his team to the finals and Hayes did, so that's why he makes our top 5 list of power forwards.

4. Karl Malone:

The mailman, Karl Malone was an absolute juggernaut on offense and on defense as well. With a wide strong and strudt bodyframe, the mailman was a physically dominant player with a set of post moves to get him to the rim. Still at the number 2 spot on the all time leading nba scorer list, Karl Malone always had strength on his side to overpower the defender and finish strong at the rim. He was an excellent defender as well, racking up block shots and rebounds. Malone though paired up with Stockton, one of the best point guards the game has ever seen, if it weren't for Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, Malone and Stockton would've definitely brought a championship to the Utah Jazz franchise.

3. Dirk Nowitzki:

Nowitzki was one of a kind. His fadeaway jumper is a thing in the league now. Players like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and LeBron James also imitated his move in game. Dirk was a scoring machine. A 7 footer with a better shooting form and rate than most of the shooting guards in the league, Dirk was extremely efficient. What he lacked for in defense, he more than made up for it on offense. The championship run of the Mavericks against the Heat, the last shot Nowitzki took while Bosh guarding him, is all iconic. The germinator may only have one ring to his name but it's one that he's gotten on his own, without any other star in the league apart from an aging Jason Kidd. Nowitzki's the championship is well deserved.

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2. Kevin Garnett:

The big ticket, Garnett was a beast. He played the game physically and with a certain finesse too. He knew his way around in the post and could easily blow by post defenders. And when it came to defense, Garnett was a lockdown defender in the post. He might be one of the best trash talkers in the league, getting inside a player's head and then dropping 20 points and 10

rebounds on him. Garnett was the team leader in Minnesota but was unable to make a big splash in the playoffs. It was when Garnett was traded to the Celtics and formed a big three with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen that he finally won a championship. He was the defensive anchor for his team throughout and a dominant force in the Celtics championship run. But an offensive force and a defensive god, Garnett is easily the second best Power Forward in league history.

1. Tim Duncan:

The big fundamental, Tim Duncan is easily considered the best Power Forward of all time. Having 5 championships to his name is not the reason why Duncan is number 1 on our list. It's because of the silent leadership, clutch performances and the overall winning consistency over the years is what makes Tim Duncan the best Power Forward of all time. Timmy was an extremely efficient player. His bank shot was a sure thing every time he pulled up a shot on the defender. It's a lot like Dirk's fadeaway but for Timmy, ' The bank was always open.' Players and coaches wouldn't even realise that Duncan finished the game with 25 points and 15 rebounds all the while being an excellent defender and a player who absolutely locked down the paint.

Duncan always had a thing about him. Some would argue that Duncan had one of the best coaches and a solid supporting cast in Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili but what about other teams who've had a good coach and perennial all-stars with them ?

It was his consistency to always make the playoffs and make big time plays which makes Duncan our number 1 pick for the best Power Forward of all time.

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