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Top 5 Stephen Curry Career Defining Moments

Stephen Curry is widely considered as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Here in this article, check out the top 5 Stephen Curry Career Defining Moments.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 13.07.2022
Top 5 Stephen Curry Career Defining Moments

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Stephen Curry is widely considered as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. His impressive shooting ability has allowed him to stand out on the court from an early age. This has led to Curry becoming one of the most iconic players that the Golden State Warriors have seen. 

Because the standard for rookie NBA players is always changing as a result of the latest developments and record breaks, the NBA odds can vary. Developments such as new player trades and management changes are highly influential when it comes to betting at the NBA. Here are some of the greatest moments that have defined Stephen Curry’s career so far. 

2008 March Madness


Firstly, a performance that stood out for Curry was his time at the 2008 March Madness. Curry led his college team to a record score of 20-0, and exceeded everybody’s expectations. Davidson College defied all odds thanks to Curry’s achievements. 

Although the Wildcats eventually lost against the Kansas Jayhawks by four points, Curry has widely been recognized for scoring thirty points to advance to the Elite 8. This was the closest that Davidson College had been to a title during March Madness in many years. 

As a result, it isn’t hard to see why Curry was drafted to the NBA so soon after his achievements. 

2009 Draft

Curry was drafted for the 2009 NBA season after failing to make the NCAA tournament the following year. Being able to achieve a significant amount of success helped the young player stand out, and earned him a top-ten selection. 

Fans of the New York Knicks were disappointed that the sharp shooter was taken by the Golden State Warriors, and his draft decision was met with audible boos from these fans. Other statements of regret after seeing Curry’s potential came from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The franchise had declined Curry on two occasions.

2013 54 Points

Following Curry’s 2009 draft, he was determined to prove himself as a valuable addition to the Golden State Warriors. 2013 saw him come into his own at Madison Square Garden. This was widely regarded as a career-high for Curry, and many stated that his 54 point performance acted as Curry announcing his NBA arrival as a superstar.

Having shot eighteen for 28 from the field, and knocked eleven of 13 three point attempts, Curry went on to break many records on the court. Not only that, but Curry achieved three steals, six rebounds, and seven assists. Despite the Warriors losing against the Knicks, Stephen Curry stood out for his incredible performance at MSG in 2013. 

2016 Thirteen Three-Pointers

Another iconic achievement that Curry saw was his thirteen three-pointers made in 2016. In fact, this performance gained him the status as the greatest shooter of all time by many.

Having lost his streak for making a triple during the previous game, Curry was keen to defend his reputation. This was seen in his 2013 achievements against the Los Angeles Lakers. 2016 in general was a huge turning point for Curry, who was beginning to step out of his shell. 

Many have said that he achieved a significant amount of success for the Warriors as a whole, and it is exciting to see what the future holds for this NBA champion. 

Oklahoma City Thunder Defeat

Similarly, this momentous player saw a great deal of success during other games within the 2015-16 NBA season. Curry’s performance on the court against the Oklahoma City Thunder has widely been considered a career defining moment. 

In addition to six assists and 46 points in total, Curry set a record for tying 12 three-pointers, which was an NBA record at the time of his achievements. Not only that, but the young player stood out to many for his efforts as an excellent shooter overall. 

At the end of this season where jaws dropped amongst audience members, Curry earned his first MVP award. The unanimous decision was caused by a range of factors including Curry’s ability to change his own records and set new ones for himself. 

Not only that, but Curry continued to improve his form and approach on the court. This allows him to stand out and continue proving his worth as a superstar player within the Warriors. 


Stephen Curry has been an incredibly valuable addition to the Golden State Warriors since his draft in 2009. Having seen a significant amount of success as a rookie player and throughout the following years, Curry has a range of unique skills which have made him stand out. 

Curry is a highly impressive shooter, with a unique talent for range as well as precision. Over time, this natural ability allowed Curry to become one of the highest ranked superstar players within the NBA. 

Having been noticed for his efforts leading his college basketball team, Curry was able to stand out to talent scouts and achieve an impressive range of record breaks and awards. The NBA continues to demonstrate some of the best talent across the boards. Players need to be disciplined and have great stamina in order to succeed. 

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