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The Story of Ireland Stunned Pakistan In Most Dramatic Win

With the likes of Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Yosuf and Younis Khan, Ireland turned the tables and made possible that was unimaginable even in any human past creative mind.

Last updated: 04.02.2021
The Story of Ireland Stunned Pakistan In Most Dramatic Win

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What might be the slogan if the associate nation crushed the heavy Weight of cricket in the competition like the World Cup? The upset or defeat are probably the best expressions which would be smarter to depict the vibes of the victory. However, if we need to summarize the narrative of the team who was minnows and battling to keep their reality alive in cricket, they made that big appearance and announced themselves into the cricket world with the most controversial win against the most complete team of that era (Pakistan). With the likes of Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Yosuf and Younis Khan, the minnows (Ireland) turned the tables and made possible that was unimaginable even in any human past creative mind. Before World could get anything, the other stunning news came up next morning that the coach of Pakistan Cricket team Bob Woolmer was found dead in his Hotel Room and it happened just after the Ireland match when both teams arrived at their hotel. Well that is another story we will examine through some one more day.


The 2007 World Cup was very surprising for many purposes, starting the group stage round where teams like India, South Africa (defeat in the super eight stage) and Pakistan went through shocking defeats against the opposition teams which were minnows in World Cricket in those days. 17 March 2007, where at one side team India campaign in the World Cup was brought to a nearly end by the Bangladesh team who was all the while discovering his way in the cricket world across the formats (aside from some quality talents in the team) and this victory against India has rocket launch their status in the world cricket. Despite the fact that they have defeated Australia previously yet it was the Victory against India during the 2007 world Cup for which they are famous while for the team India and fans like me it was the end of everything (this defeat was all of a sudden). It still distinctive in brains of fans, this was the first misfortune for team India in the 2007 World Cup which means still they have opportunities to meet all requirements for super eight round however Sri Lanka team had different ideas who crushed team India in the must-win match (for team India) to at last end the team India campaign.



Like team India, Pakistan has lost its first game to West Indies by 54 runs. Where Ireland has come into the must-win second game against Pakistan after the no result in the first game against Zimbabwe. 17 March 2007, the other game of the tournament which will be remembered for a very long time. Ireland locked horns with Pakistan at Sabina Park, Kingston from the Group D. Ireland captain won the toss and decided to bowl first, the decision proved right when Pakistan Opener Mohammad Hafeez was sent back the pavilion on the sixth ball of the match by Dave Langford Smith caught by Niall O’ Brien. Before Pakistan could understand anything they had lost another wicket at the score of 15 runs on the scoreboard. But Imran Nazir and Mohammad Yosuf have stopped the further dents into the line-up and looked to rescue the team after early hiccups but Trent Johnston picked up the crucial wicket of Mohammad Yosuf (15) at the score of 56/3 to trigger the collapse of Pakistan batting order. From 56/3 to 105/8, it was all over the Pakistan team and they have only managed to score 132 runs with the loss of 10 wickets before their allotted 50 Overs. 29 extras was the highest ever score in the Pakistan innings.


In reply, Ireland has also lost two wickets at the score of 15/2. But William Poterfield and Niall O’Brien added on 47-run stand partnership for the third wicket to provide the much needed resistance after the early breakthroughs. From 62/3 to 113/7, the match was turned once again into the Pakistan favour before Kevin O’ Brien and Trent Johnston (who hit the winning six) registered the famous win over Pakistan by 3 wickets and ended their world cup campaign.

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