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What is team India without Rahul Dravid? Still, we are looking for another Rahul Dravid

With more than 10000 runs across the formats and three double hundreds came in overseas conditions out of five double hundreds easily defined the calibre and class of Rahul Dravid. Here we look at the impact of Rahul Dravid in team India.

Last updated: 10.03.2021
What is team India without Rahul Dravid

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I was into the last phase of my engineering college life and badly looking for the real life stories that motivates me to keep going instead of the pressure of uncertainties, I was around at that time to complete my engineering exams, assignments and the fear of placement. Although Engineering life of a student has been completely different and very tough from any other educational background of a student.


For an engineer every day is uncertain and he looks to find the motivation in every aspect of his life be it a Hollywood mysterious movie or be it some adventurous sports like trekking or paragliding. As I am a cricket fan since the mid or late 90s era when there were the world class bowlers like Shane Bond (my all-time favourite), Allan Donald, Dale Steyn (I was fortunate enough to witnessed the success of once in-a-blue moon player), Wasim Akram, Courtney Walsh and Curtly Ambrose.



The list is very long but I am only trying to pick those who have inspiring stories of uncertainties to answer back the critics and situations that try to restrict their skills and abilities.


Coming to my point, everyone has the source of motivation to keep himself up in the difficult times. For me the source of motivation in my engineering college days was when I watched the Rahul Dravid surreal match winning performances on the loop against Australia in the 2001 test series and one of the all-time best performances of Rahul Dravid career came against New Zealand in 1997 in the early days of his career.


These are not just the performances, they are the inspiring stories which connects the uncertainties with the emotions of many fans like me.


Apart from this I am not just fan of batting master class of greats of the game, I believe there must be the genuine competition between bat and the ball to balance out the rivalry which had been only brought by genuine speed merchants of game like Shane Bond, Dale Steyn and Wasim Akram back in that era.


Like life without motivation is all absurd and on the same thoughts the current situation of team India without the all-time great Rahul Dravid is still under process as we are still looking for the player of Rahul Dravid class to rescue the team from the shambles of utter disgrace like the recent Adelaide test match where the visitors got out at the score of 36 runs in the batting friendly conditions era.


India has become one of the best teams in the world cricket in recent one decade but on the other side we have witnessed the unexpected performances of best team which has been filled by many great players like Virat Kohli, Chesteswar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane to create the doubts in our minds that we have find the replacements of greats of previous eras fully and finally.


It's not the moment to analyse anything as team India has won the test series by 3-1 against England to at last qualify for the World Test Championship finals. But again there is one player whose replacement is definitely not possible in this century ever by any margin of extent. The man from Karnataka who had come out as the trendsetter like Sunil Gavaskar in the late 70s era when team India was almost at the edge of their existence in cricket.


Most cricketers have similar techniques like the other cricketers but very few have their own technique like Rahul Dravid or Sunil Gavaskar to succeed in cricket. Dravid had been one of the most complete batsmen of his era among his contemporaries in test cricket especially. With more than 10000 runs across the formats and three double hundreds came in the overseas conditions out of five double hundreds easily defined the calibre and class of Rahul Dravid. Let's not go to his records to disrespect the impact of genius batsman Rahul Dravid.


Team India may have the players of different abilities, but if we still think about Rahul Dravid class, that column is still void and will be in the next coming years. Still we don’t have the rare character like Rahul Dravid in the current team India who can win matches single handedly on his own.


Here is one of the most interesting session with Rahul Dravid when he was having conversation over the random 25 questions –


Author’s Take –


Again if I want to be consistent in my life I would put Rahul Dravid to bat my life and if I am not sure about anything in life, I would go with Rahul Dravid without even a second thought.


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