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Conflict Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma against Sunil Gavaskar

In this article, we will discuss the conflict that happened between Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma and Sunil Gavaskar.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 12.04.2024
Conflict Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma against Sunil Gavaskar

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During the 13th match of the Indian Premier League, an unpleasant incident took place, which got into all the world's media and was actively discussed. Nothing unusual happened on the field, just the captain of the team, Virat Kohli, playing as a batsman, unsuccessfully hit two balls, and the team lost one hundred points (century) through his fault. This happens, and at these moments team-mates usually support each other by saying kind words. The commentator Sunil Gavaskar behaved strangely and indecently, who took the liberty to criticize Virat's personal life. He said it seemed that during the quarantine the player only trained at home with his wife. Naturally, this bad joke affected the honor of not only the captain, but also his wife. In this article, we will analyze this incident in more detail, give the background, and also tell you how V. Kohli and his wife A. Sharma reacted. Let's say in advance that famous people have spoken out on social networks and defined their point of view. We will also talk about the conclusion that can be drawn from the conflict and evaluate the behavior of the cricket community. As a result, there were three people in the conflict:

  • V. Kohli.

  • Sharma.

  • S. Gavaskar.

Background of the Conflict

During the quarantine, many celebrities filmed videos from their homes. Virat Kohli did the same with Anushka Sharma. He is a famous cricketer and she is a famous actress. They made a video about playing cricket at home. Of course, the filming is conducted in a humorous way, which was clear to their subscribers, who left only positive feedback and wishes for the young family. Most likely, Sunil Gavaskar also saw the video on social networks, and therefore, during the match, he uttered what caused so much outrage. On the one hand, there is some truth in his words, since Virat like other players has shortened his training time. But on the other hand, touching the family while commenting is unacceptable. By the way you can bet on cricket on the 1Win website, today there are excellent odds. Sunil is a veteran cricketer himself and knows Kohli well. Perhaps his joke would have gone unnoticed if Virat's wife had not appeared in it. That day Gavaskar realized that he had said inappropriate words and tried to quickly change the subject and focus on the match, but the audience remembered his words. In addition, the media began to scroll through the record in the news and on the Internet, publishing Sunil's act over and over again.


Kohli and Sharma's Reaction: Protecting privacy

Kohli wrote a short comment on the Internet saying that he considers Sunil's behavior to be incorrect and condemns him, despite the friendship: "You can say such things behind the scenes, but not during a live broadcast". Anushka Sharma posted a more detailed message. She wrote something like this message addressed to Gavaskar: "I really hope that you understand now that you have acted ugly and unfairly towards our family. I am a public person, and millions of people know me, this does not mean that you can say anything about me. There are boundaries that cannot be crossed when it comes to relationships and family life. If we shoot home videos, then they are for our fans and have a humorous and introductory character. We were playing a joke, even a child can understand that. Your harsh statement does not make you look good. I hope you have realized your mistake and will not touch the personal lives of the players in the future". Gavaskar, in turn, wrote that in his opinion it was an unfortunate joke, and he will choose his expressions more carefully in the future. It seemed that the incident should have been settled on this, but the topic continued to disturb people on the Internet.

The Impact of the Incident on the Relationship Between Players and Commentators

The relationship between the players is unlikely to have deteriorated, because the men decided to put this incident in the past and forget about it, especially since Sunil apologized and admitted his guilt. After that, he did not lose his job, as his ratings increased noticeably, but many people recognized him from the negative side. Fans didn't hold back in their expressions, and there were a lot of angry comments on the Internet. Annushka also accepted the apology and forgave Sunil. Several years have passed, but the incident still appears in the media from time to time.

Lessons and Conclusions From the Conflict for the Cricket Community

Admittedly, the cricket community has drawn conclusions about this case. Commentators should adhere to the code and not make jokes that could defame anyone. Yes, you need to remain perky and funny, but do not offend other players or famous people. Gavaskar was not fired from his job, but it was announced to all commentators that such cases would be punished in the future. All members of the community agree with this: referees, players, fans. More polite and correct speech only beautifies the commentary; cricket has always been a game of people with dignity and good behavior.

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