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Cricket betting at Melbet - rules and features

Cricket betting is most convenient at Melbet. The bookmaker has a website and a mobile application, which can be used by all adult sports fans. Check out its rules and features.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 14.02.2024
Cricket betting at Melbet rules and features

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Cricket is a sport discipline, the history of which began around the XVI century. Today tournaments are held in many countries around the world. The sport is most popular in Pakistan, India, Australia and South Africa. The discipline is not included in the Olympic Games, but without them there are plenty of interesting competitions that gather millions of spectators. Cricket betting is most convenient at Melbet. The bookmaker has a website and a mobile application, which can be used by all adult sports fans.

The company's lineup includes the following tournaments:

  1. Test cricket. Competitions are held between elite teams. The duration of one match can range from 3 to 5 days.

  2. ODIS. These are single day competitions. The duration is limited to 40-50 overs.

  3. T20. Tournaments in this format are characterized by maximum spectacularity. Each match is limited in time, which makes what is happening on the playing field dynamic.

For many matches the bookmaker accepts bets not only before they start, but almost until the very end. Including the games are accompanied by TV broadcasts with high-quality picture. By watching what is happening on the field, bettors can make more accurate predictions.


Varieties of betting on cricket at Melbet bookmaker's office

The bookmaker allows you to predict almost any event that can happen on the field. Absolutely all cricket matches are betting on the main outcomes - the victory of one of the sides. There are no draws in cricket matches, except for the games of the first level. Experienced players recommend a detailed analysis of personal meetings and the form of the teams to more accurately calculate the chances of victory.

The long duration of cricket matches makes them interesting for betting on totals. The company offers many interesting options, for example, you can try to guess how many runs will be scored within a certain period or within the entire match.

There are quite a lot of different situations in cricket, so there are often special bets in the bookmaker's line. For example, the company offers players to guess which side will be the first to serve or which of the athletes will be the best batter or pitcher in the match.

Absolutely on all events in the bookmaker's office you can bet even with a small budget. The minimum deposit amount is only 1 dollar. Many payments the company increases 1.5-2 times within the framework of various promotions.

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