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Bowlers who are fastest to reach 100 wickets in ODI

Taking 100 wickets in an ODI is an achievement but who is the fastest to reach this milestone. Here we take a look at the bowlers fastest to reach 100 wickets in ODI.

Last updated: 24.02.2021
Fastest 100 wickets in ODI | Sports Social Blog

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Taking 100 wickets in an ODI is an achievement but these bowlers were the fastest to reach this milestone:

1. Rashid Khan:

Rashid Khan is the premier spinner of Afghanistan Cricket team. He made his ODI debut in March 2015, and thus began his rapid rise into becoming the fastest bowler to take 100 wickets in One Day International matches. He took just 44 matches to achieve this landmark. He has quickly become one of the best spinners in the world in limited overs format.


2. Mitchell Starc:

The left arm pacer from Australia is one of the best and fastest bowlers in the world. Ever since his debut in October 2010, he has set the world ablaze with his dynamite bowling. He took just over 50 ODIs to take 100 wickets. But ironically his Achilles heel has been his Achilles heel. His most memorable spell has been the 2015 World Cup when he took over 20 wickets in the tournament.

3. Saqlain Mushtaq:

This legendary Pakistani spinner was one of the most feared bowlers in the 1990s. Batsmen were many a times left perplexed in his heydays. He made his debut in 1995 and became the frontline spinner of the Pakistan Cricket Team and was a star among a bowling line-up which included Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Shoiab Akhtar. He was the bowler who introduced a kind of ball called doosra. He took 53 One Day International matches to take 100 wickets.

4. Shane Bond:

Shane Bond was once the fastest bowler in the world until his record was eclipsed by Shoiab Akhtar. To call this New Zealander pacey would be an understatement as he was much more than that. His biggest attribute other than his speed was his slickness and how quickly the bowl went to the batsmen after he pitched the ball. Shane Bond took a little over 5 years and 54 matches to take 100 wickets.

5. Mustafizur Rahman:

Mustafizur Rahman is the most deceptive bowler in the limited overs format right now. He can bowl 145km/h and also 110 km/h without changing a lot with his bowling action. All his magic lies in his wrists. The Bangladeshi bowler made his debut on 18 June 2015 and completely bamboozled the Indian cricket team and was the main reason when Bangladesh whitewashed India. He took over 4 years to take 100 wickets and like many faster bowlers before him, his career has been filled with injuries.

Top 10 Bowlers fastest to reach the 100 wickets:

Name of player

Vs achieved




Time from Debut

Matches took to reach 100 wickets

Rashid Khan

v West Indies


25 Mar 2018

18 Oct 2015

2y 158d


MA Starc (AUS)

v Sri Lanka

Colombo (RPS)

21 Aug 2016

20 Oct 2010

5y 306d


Saqlain Mushtaq (PAK)

v Sri Lanka


12 May 1997

29 Sep 1995

1y 225d


SE Bond (NZ)

v England


23 Jan 2007

11 Jan 2002

5y 12d


Mustafizur Rahman (BDESH)

v Pakistan


5 Jul 2019

18 Jun 2015

4y 17d


B Lee (AUS)

v England


25 Jan 2003

9 Jan 2000

3y 16d


TA Boult (NZ)

v West Indies


23 Dec 2017

11 Jul 2012

5y 165d


Mohammed Shami (INDIA)

v New Zealand


23 Jan 2019

6 Jan 2013

6y 17d


JJ Bumrah (INDIA)

v Sri Lanka


6 Jul 2019

23 Jan 2016

3y 164d


Imran Tahir (SA)

v West Indies


15 Jun 2016

24 Feb 2011

5y 112d


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