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Top 5 Bowlers With Fastest To 100 Wickets in Test Cricket

In this article take a look at top 5 bowlers who have reached fastest to 100 wickets. Most of them in the list of fastest to 100 wickets are from the past decades of cricket.

Last updated: 03.09.2020
Bowlers With Fastest To 100 Wickets in Test Cricket | Sports Social Blog

Test cricket is by all accounts a boring and slow contest. Often required strength, persistence, abilities and personality to be a successful bowler in test cricket. However, there were bowlers who have made it real entertaining with their bowling abilities Over the span of years in Cricket.


In a long history of this game of cricket. Test cricket remains the most troublesome format of a game. In the modern Era of cricket when Limited-overs cricket is booming its difficult to see bowlers being effective in test cricket for the long period. Most of them in the list of fastest to 100 wickets are from the past decades of cricket which shows the reasonable distinction that a bowler from the present era is less intrigued to play cricket in the whites.

Let us take a look at top 5 bowlers  who have reached fastest to 100 wickets:


5. Yasir Shah – 17 Matches – Pakistan:


Only bowler in the list from the current era of cricket. The fastest to 200th wicket and the first Pakistani bowler in their history to reach the fastest to 100 wicket milestone in 17 matches. Not played too much one day cricket but in test cricket he has taken 224 wickets at an average 30.67.


He has been the front line bowler for Pakistan in the recent times and second fastest in test cricket to reach 50 wickets in 9 games and fastest in the Pakistani cricket history to achieve this feat.


Will be interesting to see how long he will remain fit and play test cricket for a long time as players of the current era want to focus more on limited-overs tournaments and leagues.

4. Clarie Grimmett – 17 Matches – Australia:

Another one in the list is from Australia. Fastest to 200th wicket in the history which was the record of 82-long years. He was also the first one to reach 200 test wickets and broke the record of Sydney Barnes.


The man behind the flipper delivery in cricket was Invented  by him. Clarie Grimmett took the 100th wicket in 17 test matches of his career.


He wanted to become the fast bowler but later on changed his bowling action to become one of the greatest leg-spinners of all time. He formed the great bowling pairs with Bill O'Reilly while playing for Australia.


Born in New Zealand but later on shifted to Australia to play club cricket in Sydney. He last played for Australia where he got famed too and played his last game against South Africa in 1935.

3. Sydney Barnes – 17 Matches – England:


The next one in the list is also from the past decade. The phenomenon and Enigma called Sydney Barnes. 133 first-class matches 719 wickets at an average of 17.09 how dangerous this stats are at the first-class cricket


Sydney Barnes played 27 tests and took 189 wickets at an average of 16.83. The numbers and stats are enough to call him the greatest ever bowler in history.

Sydney Barnes picked up his 100th wicket in 17 test matches of his career. During the final test series of his career in 1914 against South Africa he took the world record of 49 wickets and second bowler in the history after Jim Laker to pick 17 wickets in a test match.


Barnes took 17 wickets against South Africa in the second test match of the final series at Johannesburg. Sydney Barnes took 8 wickets in the first and 9 wickets in the second innings.

2. Charlie Turner – 17 Matches – Australia:


The next one in the list is Charlie Turner. One of the greatest ever bowlers produced by the Australian. Almost close to 1000 first-class wickets at an averaging below 15 could define how dangerous Turner was in his era.


It was the 19th century when batsman had the least opportunity to succeed but with a blend of Charlie Turner skills and variations it was next to impossible to play against him. Charlie Turner was fastest to reach 50 wickets in just 6 games which is still a record held by him.


Charlie Turner in his 7 first class took 70 wickets and showed the glimpse what had to come in years. The kind of the movement and variations he got from the pitch on wet conditions he was next to unplayable.


Charlie Turner took his 100th wicket in the 17th test match of his career. He was nicknamed Terror Turner for his deadly spells during the span of his career.

1. George Lohmann – 16 Matches – England:

Is 10.75 average in cricket possible ever? Yes, the average was held by the genius from England. The first ever bowler in the history of cricket to reach the fastest to 100 wickets in Cricket in just 16 matches.

Lohmann's first-class record was more insane; in just 293 games he took 1841 wickets at an average below 14. Lohmann took the 100th wicket in the 16 test matches of his career and ended at 112 wickets in 18 test matches.

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