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Most 5 Wicket Hauls in ODI History

Taking 5 wickets in any form of cricket is a massive achievement but taking it in an ODI match is very impressive. Check out here the top 5 bowlers who have the most 5 wicket hauls in ODI history.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 22.03.2023
Most 5 Wicket Hauls in ODI History

Taking 5 wickets in any form of cricket is a massive achievement, but taking it in an ODI match is very impressive as the bowlers only have 10 overs to bowl and pick the 5 wickets. If a bowler picks up five wickets in an innings, then more often than not, his team ends up on the winning side of the match.

There have been many bowlers over the years who have picked up Five wickets in an innings in ODIs, but there are only a few who have done it multiple times. So, let’s look at some of the bowlers who have picked up 5 wickets hauls in ODIs the most.

1. Waqar Younis (13 times): 

This legendary fast bowler from Pakistan holds the record for picking Five wickets in an ODI innings the most with 13 times. He was a special Bowler who bowled with express pace, and his accuracy and line and lengths were on the money. He was one of the rare breeds of fast bowlers who troubled all the teams he played against. The opposition teams were very wary of facing his quick pace and had no answers to his skills in the field. Thus, as a result of all his pace and skills, he has picked up 5 wickets in an ODI innings a record 13 times.


2. Muttiah Muralitharan (10 times): 

A bowling record either in Tests or ODIs, the name of Muttiah Muralitharan will be on the list. He was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of bowler who foxed and bamboozled the batters playing against him for almost two decades. This is so incredibly hard to go, and it goes to show his level of greatness. He bowled his heart out in every match, and he picked five wickets in an ODI innings 10 times and will always remain an all-time legend.


3. Brett Lee (9 times): 

He is one of the three fastest bowlers in the last 20 years, and not only was fast, but he was also consistent for Australia across his ODI career. He was a rare talent and immediately made his mark in the international Circuit. The batters were terrified of him and his raw pace and preferred to stay at the non-striker end. Brett Lee picked up a lot of wickets throughout his career and 5 Wickets in an innings 9 times in his career.


4. Shahid Afridi (9 times): 

This legendary Pakistan bowler was a great ODI cricketer, and his name being here should be no surprise. He was one of the best leg spinners in the world, and the batters could not read him at all. He was a quick spinner and thus picked lots of wickets in an innings as well. Thus, he has picked five wickets in an ODI innings 9 times in his illustrious career and served Pakistan cricket with all his heart.


5. Mitchell Starc (9 times): 

Mitchell Starc is the only bowler in ODI cricket history that has taken the most number of wickets in an ODI World Cup in back-to-back editions in 2015 and then again in 2019. He is one of the premier fast bowlers of the world at the moment who has already taken nine fifers in ODI cricket. It shows how great he has already become and how far he will go in the future. He is an asset to Australian cricket and will serve them for years to come.

Most ODI five-wicket hauls (Top 5)

Player (Team)

Bowling style

Number of 5-wicket hauls

Waqar Younis (Pakistan)

Right arm fast


Muthiah Muralidaran (Sri Lanka/Asia XI/ICC World XI)

Right arm offbreak


Brett Lee (Australia)

Right arm fast


Shahid Afridi (Pakistan/Asia XI/ICC World XI)

Right arm legbreak


Mitchell Starc (Australia)

Left-arm fast


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