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Top 5 Most Sixes in an innings in T20 Internationals

Here check out the list of top 5 players with most sixes in an innings in T20Is. Hazratullah Zazai currently holds the record of most sixes in an innings. He hit 16 sixes in his innings of 162 runs vs Ireland.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 26.11.2021
Most Sixes in an innings in T20 Internationals

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T20 International cricket is a form of cricket where the crowd love seeing big sixes being hit by the batter and the crowd turns into fielders. The bigger the six hit by the better, the louder the cheers from the viewers. So whenever a batter hits lots of sixes in an innings, he becomes a known face among the majority of cricket fans.

A lot of batters hit huge Sixes in T20 Internationals, so it would be interesting to see who among the many batters have hit the most number of sixes in an innings in T20 Internationals.

1. Hazratullah Zazai (16 Sixes): 


This is the world record for hitting the most number of sixes. Hazratullah started and finished the innings in the same way , smashing huge Sixes to the Ireland bowlers who were so helpless and were mentally pleading him to stop this onslaught. He destroyed the attack by hitting 16 sixes and making an incredible 162 runs in the process. It was a delight not only for Afghan fans but fans from all around the world except for the Irish.


2. Aaron Finch (14 Sixes): 

Aaron Finch and batting records in T20 Internationals is like having bread with butter. He finds a way to create records whenever he bats and this time he set the record for hitting the second most sixes in an innings in T20 Internationals by smashing 14 sixes against his favorite opposition England and he hit 156 runs and destroyed their attack . It was very enjoyable to watch if you are not an England fan.


3. George Munsey (14 Sixes): 

George Munsey also hit 14 Sixes in an innings but as he hit 127 runs he is in 3rd place in this rankings. The opponents this time were Netherlands and he bulldozed the bowling attack by smashing 14 monster sixes and making the fielders in the ground as spectators. He also got a name for himself after this innings. It’s nice seeing players from associate nations doing so well on the world stage.


4. Richard Levi (13 Sixes): 

This magnificent innings came while chasing a big total against a strong New Zealand attack. He was chasing a target ofZ 174 and hit 13 huge Sixes and destroyed the New Zealand attack to all parts and chased the total with 4 overs to spare. It was pure brutality and dominance at its very best against a top side while chasing. The fans were left awestruck after this knock.


5. Evin Lewis (12 Sixes): 

Unfortunately for Indian fans this brutality came against the Indian team and he pummeled the Indian attack while chasing 191 runs and did not let the Indians come back in the match at all. He hit 12 massive sixes in that match and made a mockery of such a big target as the West Indies won that match with 9 deliveries to spare and 9 wickets remaining.

These are few of the most sixes in an innings, but there are many more batsmen who have hit huge Sixes in an innings but they do not find their place among these records but the fans remember those innings forever. Most notably among then is Yuvraj Singh’s 7 sixes against England in the 2007 20 over world cup , The fans to this date still remember that innings more than the record breaking innings. Records are very important but equally as important is making an impact with how little you can. That is the hallmark of a really great T20 international batter.

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