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Salaries of Cricketers from around the world

Have you wondered how much cricket players earn and how much they earn playing cricket for the national side. Here are the details about the salaries from each cricket board to their players.

Last updated: 18.08.2020
Salaries of Cricketers from around the world | Sports Social Blog

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We are familiar with the Forbes list which shows the highest earning sportsmen all across the world. Have you wondered how cricket players have their name on that list and how much they earn playing cricket for the national side? Then here is something that will help you. 

Here are the details about the salaries that each cricket board is giving their players:


1. Indian National Cricket Team:

No doubt India’s BCCI is one of the richest sports organisations in the world. It is also the cricket organisation that pays the players with the most salary. BCCI have divided the players in contract to different categories such as A+, A, B and C. The salaries are also credited to them according to the category to which they belong. Salaries allotted to each categories:

Category A+ = 7 cr. Annually

Category A = 5 cr. Annually

Category B = 3 cr. Annually

Category C = 1 cr. Annually

Bonus distribution:

Rather than providing a fixed salary annually, BCCI provides the players different kind of bonuses according to their performances and also a fixed match fee is provided to them. Match fee for each format is:

Test match: Rs. 15 lakh per match

ODI: Rs. 6 lakh per match

T20I: Rs. 3 lakh per match

The bonuses that BCCI provides to the players also contribute much to their income from the game. Bonus that BCCI have declared for the players are:

·  Rs. 5 lakh for scoring a century in a match

·  Rs. 5 lakh for 5 wicket haul

·  For scoring a double century, the player is provided a bonus of Rs. 7 lakh irrespective of the category he belong too.


2. England National Cricket Team:

England Cricket Board is the second richest cricket control body across the globe. It is also very well known for the lavish payment that they provide to the players. England board has fixed some basic fixed salaries to the players on the basis of their seniority and previous year performances. The contract that they put forward the players are of two types. They are test, white ball and increment type contracts. A player with test contract makes a maximum of £650,000 per year. A player with white ball contract can make a maximum of £300,000 per year and for the players with increment type contract will make £200,000 annually. ECB also says that a player with both test and white ball contract will make a maximum of £950,000 per year.

Bonus distribution:

Apart from the fixed annual salary each player is provided a particular match fee too. For playing one test match a player is given with £18,000 and for ODI matches each player will get £10,000. For the T20 international match, each player will get a fee of £5,000.

Team skipper will have a bonus of 25% to the annual salary and also for every match winning performance the player is given with bonuses.


3. Pakistan National Cricket Team:

PCB has fixed basic salaries to each player according to the registered contract of the players. PCB has announced a total of 2 categories which have 22 players in it. The categories are A, B, and C. A category players are paid with the maximum amount and it is about 11 lakh per month. B category players are paid about 7.5 lakhs per months and the C category players earns about 5.5 lakhs per month.

Pakistan cricket players are not only paid with the annual salaries but also with the match fees. Reportedly for every test match a player will get 1 lakh and for each ODI match, the player will get 50000 Rs. The match fee for T20I is 30000 Rs.

Bonus distribution:

As a bonus the players are paid about 25% extra for scoring a century or a five wicket performance in a match.


4. Australia National Cricket Team:

Australia provides the player an annual salary based on the contract. Players are either categorised as players with contract or non-contract players. Major players of the team is categorised under Y category. As per the report the players under Y category contract will get $278000 as the retainer fees. The skipper will be given with an amount of $750,000 which includes the benefits.

Bonus distribution:

Along with the annual retainer fees, each player is provided with a match fees. For playing a test match, a player will get a payment of $20000 and for ODI’s each player will get $15,000 as the match fees. For T20 the bonus is $10,000.

For every tournament that the team wins, the board provides bonus to the players according to the performance and the title amount.


5. New Zealand National Cricket Team:

For New Zealand cricket association the player salary is provided as retainer fees as well as the match fees. According to the reports, the team will get basic retainer fees of $20,0000. For the skipper there is 45% bonus in the retainer fees and that makes his salary up to $250,000. They also have fixed match fees of $8495 in tests and $3682 in ODI matches. For every T20 match the players are given with fees of $2407. When comparing the salaries of New Zealand players with Pak players it is 10% more.

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