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Sledging – Another side of gentleman game cricket

In the modern era with the liquid flow of technology the sledging has been caught on the camera with amazing reactions of players and never seen before fights.

Last updated: 20.05.2021
Sledging in Cricket | Sports Social Blog

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In this gentleman game of cricket, the flamboyance of cricket is the art of unmistakable highlights of Cricket is that it requires persistence, an ethicalness of any cricketer who have played at any level of cricket. Likewise not at all like NBA, NFL or in any other sports field, cricket isn't a physical game by any margin. Without the shadow of doubt, Cricket has customarily been known to be a respected game throughout the history of cricket.


When a chap or bloke has got the opportunity to play for his national side, the emotions are there which can be high in most of the cases at the early phase of the cricketing career. But when players sometimes get carried away with expectations which result in the sledging towards the opposition team player. Sound it amicable chat or mind games as many great of the games reckoned that this mind games has consistently been an indispensable form of cricket.



From the times when cricket was played for the first time to the modern era of cricket which favours the batsman more over bowlers (who are the receiving end completely). In the history of cricket, sledging had happened but never came into the sport but in the modern era with the liquid flow of technology the sledging has been caught on the camera with amazing reactions of players and never seen before fights.


The point of mind games created by the players is to make vulnerability, uncertainty and outrage in the opposition team on the field or in the player's mind to disturb his balance to make any mistake in the favour of other team which gives advantage to help them to win games out of nowhere. And, this art of mind games has been worked on many times.



Looking back in the history of cricket or even in the current era of cricket, the opposition player continues to sledge or pass on the banter to create the loophole for his team so that the batsman would commit any mistake to derail the balance of the batting side in any situation.


Sometimes, players have been trapped in this strategy or in the other case players like Brian Lara, Kumar Sangakkara and Rahul Dravid do not like to respond to the banter said by the players. In such cases, this tactic has backfired and may even let the fielding side lose the game when players have performed exceptionally well under uncertainties for their side respectively.


Many instances have happened in the past when players were caught on camera for sledging, the famous sledging when Gautam Gambhir has verbal spat with Virat kohli in the IPL match followed by against Kamran Akmal in the India-Pakistan match. Another incident where Mitchell Johnson was bowling he got involved in the heated conversation with Virat kohli in a test match when he tried to hit a back hit ball at stumps which was hit to the batsman and created another sledging in cricket.


Cricket is defined in two ways, that whatever has happened in the cricket ground should remain in the cricket ground by all means. But in some cases, players have taken sledging to another level or even personal if I am not wrong, well again who can forget Gautam Gambhir-Shahid Afridi heated argument on the field. Both these players still continue to pass banter on social media many a times witnessed in the recent years after they have been retired from cricket.


Like it is said, everything remains in the ground no matter what but there were episodes like Monkeygate scandal between Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symonds which took the cricket to another level and at once that test series was at the stake of being cancelled but unfortunately it was settled between the players outside the cricket field.


Cricket has been changed completely in the recent past years with new rules and regulations but fans have admitted, sledging has no place in cricket again somewhere it has been rightly said with many episodes still vivid in many fans memories. Isn't it? Drop your views on this part.


It’s okay to sledge in cricket but it should be to some extent without getting personal with players so that it does not go out of the cricket ground and remains on the field as it is definitely another part of cricket.

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