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Top 7 best innings of Rahul Dravid in Test Cricket

Here are those top 7 test innings of Rahul Dravid career which proves why he is a genius with bat. when it comes to test matches there will be no better cricketer than him with his epitome determination.

Last updated: 20.06.2020
Top 7 Rahul Dravid best test innings | Sports Social Blog

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It is not going to be easy when you go right to write a word about someone like “Rahul Dravid ''. Either it was a flat track or the lush green surface. If there was anyone who deserved the ovation for the success in Indian cricket history in the overseas conditions it would be no other than this “gentleman”. A true gentleman who has walked every path with his self-less grit and determination in cricket. I am being very honest about this genius and it is so vivid in my mind when I wake up early in the morning just to watch his Clinical Cover drives.


Players can make thousands of runs in his career but can any player do what this gentleman did in his 16 years of cricket career especially when a team was at the verge of losing a game and the way he has walked in to rescue the team from a big defeat and put them back into the driver seat. I am by taking full liberty and being very honest - “There are players or will even in the future” but there will never be another “Rahul Sharad Dravid”. It was really unlucky that he played during the times of Sachin Tendulkar not just a few but many of the greatest knocks were overshadowed and didn't get the credit that he has actually deserved.



Though he has good ODI records when it comes to test matches there will be no better cricketer than him with his epitome determination which has witnessed many times in his test knocks. Rahul Dravid's test debut against England on 20th June 1996 was more good over his ODI debut on 3rd April 1996 Against Sri Lanka. Here are those top 7 test innings of Dravid career which proves why he is a genius with bat.

1. India vs Australia Kolkata Test,2001:


Rahul Dravid 180 vs Kolkata, 2001


This inning was completely overshadowed by the VVS Laxman 281 knock. But without “Rahul Dravid” valuable well-consolidated knock this “epic" game was not completed. The second test match of 3 match test series. India team playing with no Javagal Srinath as he was ruled out of the series after the injury in the 1st test match. Coming into bat at No.6 in the second Innings when the follow on was enforced it was merely a hope for anyone how long India team will fight in the match. But pair was determined to fight till last and was witnessed very clearly just after they arrived at the crease.


After not being good with the bat in earlier 3 innings “Rahul Dravid" was set to test the patience of bowlers in this inning. There was a plan between these two and they succeeded in it in each session after day 3. That 376 runs partnership not only put the India team back into the driver seat but also confirmed it India team is not going to lose the match from here. Not only team India has stopped the winning streak of Australia 16 matches in a row and also became 3rd team to achieve this feat of winning a match after the follow was enforced by the most dominating sides of world cricket in those years.


2.  India vs Australia Adelaide test,2003:


233 vs Australia Adelaide, 2003

This time it was in Australia in their own territory and the scenes were the same like the Kolkata Test. India team was struggling to avoid follow on at 85/4 in the 1st innings then walks-in the “Dark knight” of team India and put them back into the driver seat with all time best consodalited knock of 233 in the 1st innings against the best pace attack of Aussies and after scoring 556 in the first innings it was surprise for the Aussies fans to believe how they have lost the match after posting that huge score. The scenes of Kolkata once again refreshed when Laxman and Dravid set 303 partnership with their clinical cover drives, pull shots and late cuts it was a treat to watch.


With target of 230 in the 2nd innings team India again collapsed like pack of cards it was “Rahul Dravid” come in to rescue his team from losing the test match to put them back into the match with 72* in the 2nd innings to register the triumph after 23 years on Aussies soil.


3. India vs South Africa, Johannesburg, 1997:


148 vs South Africa Johannesburg,1997

2nd tour of Rahul Dravid career and missed his first century at lord's against England but this time he looked to go one step ahead and made his first test century against south Africa on 3rd test match and score runs against their pacers like Allan Donald and Shaun Pollock at its prime and making them to change their line and lengths from the start with those clinical cover drives and classical pull shots. It was the clear indication from this knock what was to come in the years of his cricket career.


He didn’t stop after the first innings century and followed the momentum in his second Innings too with remarkable 81 posting 356 to chase for South Africa but it was rain that interrupted the plans for India victory and the match ended in a draw.


4.  India vs Pakistan, Rawalpindi, 2004:


270 vs Pakistan, Rawalpindi,2004

First time in 15 years India's team had gone on to win a series against Pakistan in 2004. The decider of series and everything was at the up between the arch-rivals. Not having scored some good runs in first two test matches Dravid was waiting for his moment and there it comes when bowled out 224 in the first innings the hosts were looking to do the same while the Virender Sehwag on the very first ball but then came the “Dark knight of team India” and made highest ever test score 270 but best part of his innings was his front foot defense, magnificent late cuts and clinical cover drives batted for long 6 hours before making 5th double hundred in just six months.


5. India vs England, Leeds, 2002:


148 vs England,Leeds, 2002

3rd match of the series and already trailing by 1-0. After winning the toss Indian captain decided to bat first on lush green surface which was surprising to many cricket experts as pitch was perfect for the fast bowling with virender zehwag departed at score of 8. The conditions were hostile and Rahul Dravid was determined to make it happen once again in his famous way of test playing knocks. The England pacers were on the top and looking to dismantle the Indian batting order but “Rahul Dravid” was on the crease and showing the signs England you have to cross the wall before taking the Indians.


There was bounce in the pitch and ball was swinging sharply but the art of solid front foot defense and leaving the ball outside the off stump everything was treat to watch from “Rahul Dravid” and those blows on his body were applauded by everyone in the stadium. Not only laid the foundation for other players like Sachin tendulkar (193) and Sourav Ganguly (128) to take the team India score to 628/8 in the first innings and India team won the match by an innings and 46 runs but it was not possible without that Rahul Dravid inning.


6. India vs West Indies, Jamaica,2006:


81 and 68 vs West Indies, Jamaica, 2006


The final test and the series after which “Rahul Dravid” was famous for “The wall". It was all alone Rahul Dravid on Jamaica in both the innings when every other batsman were befuddled by West Indies pacers wickets were failing like pack of cards on the other sides but it was again “Rahul Dravid” walked in like Dark knight and Stunned the audience with his solid front foot defense and those awe inspiring cover drives, Pull shots everything was going with his bat flow.


The Jamaica pitch was heaven for bowlers as India team wad bowled out at 200 in the first innings with only high scorer Rahul Dravid 81 but it was the second Innings when he was on the top of everyone while scored 68 and set the target of 269 for the hosts. They did came close in the game but indian bowlers were like this game only belong Rahul Dravid and we can’t let go his efforts in vain and won the test match and series after 35 long years.


7. India vs New Zealand, Hamilton, 1999:


190,103* vs New Zealand,Hamilton,1999


The series was level 1-1 and the final test was taken away by Rahul Dravid back to back centuries in the both the test innings. With this performance it was the clear sign that “Rahul Dravid era has begun”. With good total on the board in first innings 356 kiwis were confident to restrict the tourists at low score. But Dravid stand in to alter the line and lengths pot kiwis pacers on seam conditions. Rahul Dravid 190 in first innings not only provide the lead to India team but also put them into the winning position.


But Indian bowlers let the momemtum get shifted to kiwis and hosts posted the big score in the second Innings too and chances of getting draw was also dim in the crucial day of test match. But Rahul Dravid once again stand in with unbeaten 103* in the second Innings not only help India from the verge of losing a test match but ended the match in draw.

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