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Top 10 Cricket Websites to refer in India for in-depth analysis

These are the top 10 cricket websites that you can refer to stay updated to the latest trends in cricket with various perspectives and in-depth analysis of the game.

Last updated: 29.05.2020
Top 10 Cricket Websites in India | Sports Social Blog

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Cricket is an emotion of the fans. About 2.5 billion people around the globe watch and enjoy this game, making it the second most popular game in the world. People rely on different sports websites to know about the matches that are happening around them. Which are the most useful websites that you can use to know about the most recent cricketing events and matches? Well, here is the list. 

These are the top 10 cricket websites that you can refer to stay updated to the latest trends in cricket with various perspectives:

1. Cricbuzz:


If you are a cricket enthusiast, then one of the best informative places you can visit is Cricbuzz. This amazing website is filled with information about the game. The home screen is basic and has information about the live scores and the future. But if you come to the sidebar, you can see a lot of tabs that will lead you to abundant news about the game.

2. ESPN Cricinfo:

Without any doubt, it can be said that ESPNCricinfo is the best cricket website today. The Cricinfo website is the biggest source of information that one can use to know about cricket and the stats. With a great base that showers a great knowledge with nuggets of information, this website also has live scores and ball by ball coverage on matches.


3. Star Sports:

This website provides you the information about cricket live scores, match updates, fixtures and live commentary. You can also watch the game analysis by world-class critics and professionals through this website. Also, through Star sports website you can watch the replay and highlights of the matches that you are looking for, from the beginning to end.


4. NDTV Sports:

NDTV sports also provides you with very informative data on the games around the world. Along with the ongoing game stats, this website has a player column that provides you information about the players that you are looking for. All this information together makes this website an all-rounder in this niche.


5. Chase Your Sport:

CYS is one sports website with a lot of unique, interesting, and useful information to give the readers a new perspective. This website offers the readers, daily updates on the matches played, fixtures, players' details and statistics, and also facts about this game. Chase Your Sport is one of the most informative ones if you are looking for interesting and educational info about Cricket and Cricket History.


6. IBN Live Cricketnext:

IBN has it all. Everything that you look in about the game is there in IBN. This website gives you breaking news, live score updates, and the match schedules. Special columns and features written by experts and cricket legends will give you more insights into the game.

7. Cricket world:

Even though the magazine has dwindled, the website is quite informative to the audience. There is also information about the women's game and has decent audio and video coverage for everything.


8. Wisden Cricketer:

Wisden is one of the most-read sports magazines across the world. The magazine has now set up a website to broadcast the information to the world on a daily basis. Good information about all formats of the game is shared on this website.


9. Cricwaves:

Cricwaves is one of the best websites to know about cricket news. This website has news about the scores of online matches. Also, this website has information regarding the upcoming matches and the statistics about the player.


10. Cricket 365:

Cricket 365 is a gaming website that has abundant information about the game. This website doesn’t have a lot of statistical analysis but has articles with details about upcoming and ongoing matches. Also, details about the player performance is also analyzed.

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