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Everything You Need To Know About EFootball

The long awaited EFootball has launched with two main modes which is one offline and one online. Take a look here at everything you need to know about EFootball.

Last updated: 17.07.2022
Everything You Need To Know About EFootball

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EFootball Konami`s rebranding of the long running Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) signaled a bright new beginning for football games.

The long awaited eFootball has launched with two main modes which is one offline and one online. The stadiums in which the impressive stadiums take place are a great site for all competitive eSport spectators, players and enthusiasts. The v1.1.0 update will include new gameplay and Dream Team as well as improvements of win/loss decision making in online matches and server enhancements through the adoption of a client server system. Previous games had a strong “lottery element” but eFootball let`s you nominate and acquire favorite players with Match Pass, a system to receive items based on matches played. Free and paid Match Passes has been also made available. eFootball Transfer Market allows one to buy and sell players any time worldwide. You can put your players value based on their card types, rarity and ratings.

eFootball Konami`s rebranding of the long running Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) signaled a bright new beginning for football games when it comes to electronic sports (Esport) video gaming and electronic sport (Esport) competitive video gaming as well as electronic sport (Esport) multi competitive video gaming spectators not just electronic sport (Esport) video gaming or electronic sport (Esport) multi video gaming players or electronic sport (Esport) multi competitive video gaming players..


There was a seasonal update for Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2021. eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) has changed it`s name to eFootball and was also getting annual updates. eFootball 2022 is now the first simulation free to play sports title. Sine eFootball is free to play it gives Konami the chance to build the game with player feedback, which means more attention to detail, more realistic player models, more content updates, more stunning kicks, more clubs, more impressive beautiful stadiums, more impressive modes and more licensed players. Players are more reactive. There is an increase sense of control and attack. Defence is more refined and the ability to press as a team and put more pressure on the ball brings an edge of modern tactical play to eFootball. Calling teammates for extra pressure and stealing the ball high off the pitch has led to more goal scoring opportunities

The new matching system creates a natural and fluid player movement. Ball movement became even more realistic, thanks to a partnership with a research institute. The action never stops during a match due to the seamless restart system. You can lure an opponent with a soft touch then zip through with a sharp dribble. Furthermore, PlayStation 5 owners will be able to feel the ball touch and the physical battles on their fingertips. When looking at the game`s features acceleration indicates how quickly he player is able to reach top running speed. Kicking power indicates how much power the player can generate when kicking the ball. Jumping indicates how high the player can jump. Physical contact indicates how well the player can hold off opponents and keep balance when physically pressured. Balance indicates how well the player can fend off tackles and keep footwork without losing balance due to physical contact. Offensive awareness indicates how quickly the player responds to their ball control when attacking. Ball control indicates how adept the player is at their control at the ball in general. Dribbling indicates the players skill when playing passes along the ground. Lofted passes indicates the accuracy of the player`s lofted passes.

eFootball has become more tactical and it also allows you to build a dream team and face off against users from around the globe. Sign players and managers that fit the chosen formation and tactics and develop them to their full potential. In eFootball 2022 players are given the ability to target the signings you covet the most and you can also develop the player as you see it. The number of teams that can be used in leagues and club teams will be expanded and distributed as additional paid content by the end of 2022. Master league will also be made available as additional paid content during 2023.

This all means that when the final whistle is blown, it rests on your shoulders whether you step off the pitch winners or losers. So get out there and make your dream team a reality.

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