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If You Like Madden 23 You Will Love The Improvements To The Franchise Mode Updates

EA Sports has had great success with their American football game brand ever since the game's debut in 1988. Madden NFL 23 coming August 19, 2022. Check out more details about Madden NFL 23.

Last updated: 22.07.2022
If You Like Madden 23 You Will Love The Improvements To The Franchise Mode Updates

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EA Sports has had great success with their American football game brand ever since the game's debut in 1988.

EA has made more than $3 billion in revenue from the Madden NFL franchise over the past three decades. Since then, the game has surpassed both the video game industry and the original name-giver. Today, "Madden" is more commonly linked with video games than with a well-known head coach and color analyst. In a 2002 piece for the Los Angeles Times, John Madden himself made this admission.

New installments of all the yearly sports franchises will shortly be released throughout this period of the year. The debut of Madden NFL 23 next month will make it one of the first games this year, and EA Sports has been teasing new information about the football game. A fresh in-depth analysis recently concentrated on the Franchise mode, which has been the target of numerous criticisms for a number of years at this point, and the main changes it'll bring.


In other words, it looks like the game is designed to give players far greater latitude and flexibility in how they choose to build and improve their teams. Improvements in a variety of fields are included in that. A player's decision to sign with a team will now be influenced by a number of factors, including that team's likelihood of winning the Super Bowl as well as its location and roster, as part of a new system centered on player incentives.

The second new feature is called Player Tags, and it will have a big impact on trades, the draft, free agency, and other things. Player tags have the power to change a player's personality, the level of interest other teams have in them, and even whether they get bonus XP. Another choice that now allows players to make offers without having to advance the week is the brand-new Free Agent Hub. It accomplishes exactly what it is supposed to.

On August 19, Madden NFL 23 will be released for the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition, a brand-new function called Player Tags has been shown during the Madden 23 Franchise Mode Deep Dive.

Now that John Madden has been revealed as this year's cover athlete, the attention is on the game itself and what Madden 23 has to offer. The upgrades to Franchise Mode from the prior year have been improved in Madden 23. Along with the entirely new features, it appears that several of the Madden series' most recent additions have received considerable development. The return of Staff Management to Franchise Mode and the creation of a new Scouting system were both notable developments in Madden 22. In Madden 23, it's predicted that each of those elements, as well as the brand-new Weekly Strategy mechanic from the previous year, will see improvements.

As Trade Logic AI undergoes new changes each year, we'll have to wait and see if EA Sports has finally found the right balance. This new technique will have an impact on player advancement and offseason activity reasoning, claims EA Sports. Contract negotiations will be influenced by athlete motivations such as team location and compensation expectations. The crucial component Franchise requirements is less interesting, even if the new features will likely receive a lot of well-deserved attention prior to their launch and we'll hear a lot more about them. This year, stability has to be one of the key pieces of the puzzle because persistent Franchise problems have been a problem for gamers since Madden 22 was released.

Scouting also had a few bugs at reveal that the post-launch updates did not completely address. Franchise Mode for Madden 23 should help to reassure gamers this year by bringing some stability to the table.

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