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10 biggest Victories in International Football

Football has always been a game where more the number of goals are scored more the audience gets excited and the match becomes exciting. Here is the list of some matches where biggest victories were scored according to goal difference.

Prashant Gautam
Last updated: 12.06.2019
Biggest Football Victories | Sports Social Blog 

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The US women’s team just scored the most goals in a World Cup game, when they thrashed Thailand by 13-0 in the first match of 2019 tournament. Goal Scoring is an art and it takes years of practice to master, becoming a Master goal scorer requires skill beyond just applying foot on the ball. Goal scoring is an obsession, just that feeling of the ball thundering the net, which is the primary reason why all the footballers around the world play this beautiful game. Goal scoring without a shadow of a doubt is the most intriguing discipline. Here are the biggest wins international football history which has shocked the world and the matches as seen a huge number of goals.

1.  Australia defeating American Samoa


Australia defeated American Samoa by 31-0 on April 11 2001, this is the biggest victory any side has ever registered. This was a Qualifying match for 2002 FIFA world cup. Australia’s Archie Thompson also scored the most number of goals in a single match, by scoring 13 goals.

2. Brazil vs Nicaragua

Brazil defeated Nicaragua 14-0 on October 17, 1975, at Mexico. This was a group game of Pan Am Games ( Men) in which  Luis Alberto of Brazil scored 8 goals. This was the seventh edition of the Pan American games that were held in 4 cities which were Mexico, Guadalajara, Toluca and Puebla. In the group D match, Brazil registered a 14-0 win against Nicaragua.

3. Germany vs San Marino (13-0)

On 6 September 2006, the giants Germany scored 13 goals against San Marino in the Republic in 2006, with star German Striker Lukas Podolski scoring four goals. In the UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying match at Serravalle, the hosts San Marino suffered one of the biggest loss in International football history.

4. New Zealand vs Tahiti

On June 4, 2004, in the Fifa World Cup Qualifying match New Zealand defeated Tahiti 10-0. There was no mercy shown by the NewZealand side and dismantled the French Polynesians by a 10 goal margin. Vaughan covey and Brent Fisher went on to score hat tricks as New Zealand recorded one of the biggest Victories.

5. Spain vs Austria

On 27 March, Spain defeated Austria by 9-0, in a European Qualifying game in the year 1999. Raul scored 4 goals and did most of the damage to a helpless Austrian side.

6. South Africa defeating Australia

South Africa defeated Australia by 8-0, at Kensington Oval, Adelaide in 1955  Malcolm Rufus, Harold Paton and Peter Hughes scored twice and Cliff Jacques, Ian Palmer scored a goal each.

7. Germany vs Saudi Arabia

A full Strength German side did not mess around against Saudi Arabia, as they stormed to victory by a big margin of 8-0 in 2002. This was Germany’s best ever result in a world cup match. Miroslav Klose starred of the German side as their star striker netted a hattrick.

8. England vs San Marino

San Mario suffered yet another big defeat this time against England, as they beat them by 8-0. This was England’s biggest win in International football since the year 1987.

9. Yugoslavia vs the Faroe Islands

In May 1991, Yugoslavia defeated Faroe Island comprehensively by 7-0. The Yugoslavia side scored 5 second-half goals as they stormed to victory. A goal in the 85th minute by Davor Suker capped off an easy win for the Yugoslavia side.

10. Ghana against Lesotho

Ghana went on to defeat Lesotho by 7-0, thus making it Ghana’s second largest win after they had defeated Kenya by 13-0 in 1965. On June 1, 2012, Ghana went on to beat Lesotho in the FIFA world cup African Qualifying Match.

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