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Top 10 Greatest women footballers of all time

Women’s football has perhaps never been as popular as it is now, in 2020. Here we take a look at the top 10 of the women footballers of all time who have been the one to talk about when discussing women’s football.

Last updated: 02.11.2020
10 Greatest women footballers of all time | Sports Social Blog

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Women’s football has perhaps never been as popular as it is now, in 2020, especially following the success of last year’s World Cup in France, which saw the United States claim the trophy for the 4th time. But they are not alone this time around. Runners-up the Netherlands have enjoyed considerable growth in recent years, marked by their 2017 European Championship win, and look set for the times to come with Vivianne Miedema – their all-time top scorer leading the line. Let’s not forget about England and Sweden, last year’s semi-finalists as well as Japan and Germany who have revolutionised their women’s football.

Here we take a look at the top 10 of the women brigades who have been the one to talk about when discussing women’s football: -

Sun Wen:


Position: Striker                     Nationality: Chinese

During China’s golden age of women football, Sun Wen became her team’s talisman whenever they needed a goal. She certainly didn’t disappoint her believers, thereby connecting 106 times in 152 international matches of which 11 goals were in 28 major games. Sun, who could conjure up assists for her team-mates, could even pull up the rarest ones when needed. She had also scored a 32-yard free-kick against the USA in the Sydney Olympics. In 2002, she was crowned FIFA Female Player of the Century with Michelle Akers.

Michelle Akers:

Position: Midfielder/Striker  Nationality: American

Akers defined not one, but two positions during her time in women’s football. In her younger days, Akers was a lethal striker and a dribbler. At 5ft 10in, her speed was a deception because she could outrun defenders with her long stride whenever it seemed unlikely. She had also scored both the goals in the first Women’s World Cup final in 1991, including the game-winner in the final minutes of a 2-1 triumph over Norway. She won Olympic gold in 1996 before winning the FIFA Order of Merit in 1998.

Birgit Prinz:

Position: Striker                     Nationality: German

Prinz is considered one of the best female European footballers ever and is the second-highest goalscorer in Women’s World Cup history with 14 goals to her name, also having won the tournament twice. In her career, Prinz was always a difficult player to mark because she knew the perfect time to shoot, and she combined a sturdy physical presence with impressive pace. She showcased that in her international debut at 16, striking the game-winner in the 89th minute, after just 17 minutes into the game. She was also crowned FIFA World Player of the Year in 2003, 2004 and 2005, and has won the Women’s Bundesliga five times, the UEFA Cup three times and the UEFA European Championships five times.

Nadine Angerer:

Position: Goalkeeper             Nationality: Germany

Angerer is without any doubt the greatest female goalkeeper of all-time, and the only goalkeeper (both male or female) to have been named as FIFA World Player of the Year. Stopping penalties was one of here specialities stopping Marta’s shot in the 2007 Women’s FIFA World Cup. She was also named the captain after Prinz retired in 2011. She’s won the World Cup twice and the UEFA Women’s Championship five times.

Homare Sawa:

Position: Forward                   Nationality: Japan

Sawa was never flashy during her 23-year old illustrious career and always let her football do the talking. From 1993 to 2015, she scored 83 times in 204 appearances, both of the figures a Japanese record. She had also scored 4 times in her debut against the Philippines. At last her talents got the appreciation they deserved, when she ultimately won the FIFA World Cup in 2011 and scored the equaliser in the 117th minute.

Christine Sinclair:

Position: Midfielder/ Striker Nationality: Canadian

The record goalscorer in international football history, in both men and women divisions, Christine Sinclair took the top spot in early 2020 with her 186th strike. She has participated in five World Cup tournaments and two different Olympic Games. At the top of her game, Sinclair has been devastating, playing like a midfielder, and playmaking the ball towards the opposition goal. Like many of her contemporaries, Sinclair had made her international debut as a teenager, as a 16-year-old at the Algarve Cup. Even though she hasn’t won the World Cup or the Olympics, she is undoubtedly the best player to come out of Canada.

Abby Wambach:

Position: Striker                     Nationality: American

To possibly sum up the talent of Abby Wambach and her contribution to football we have to say that between 2001 and 2015, Abby Wambach had scored 184 goals for the United States, a record that stood for five years before Christine Sinclair broke it. Her tally in all major games stands at 22 goals in 29 matches. She also won the World Cup in 2015. The header in the 2011 World Cup against Brazil was also termed the greatest World Cup goal by FIFA.

Mia Hamm:

Position: Striker                     Nationality: American

Mia Hamm was the all-time leading goal scorer in international women’s football history but saw her record toppled in 2013 by her fellow American, Abby Wambach. She does still hold the assists record though with a whopping 144 assists in 275 caps. Pacey and skilful, she was originally a forward but played like a midfielder at times. She also won the World Cup twice and an Olympic medal.

Megan Rapinoe:

Position: Midfielder               Nationality: American

She has already won the 2019 Ballon D’ Or for Women’s Football and made headlines when she won her 2nd World Cup with the USA in which she won the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball. Rapinoe is a superstar for the USA women’s team who apart from football, uses her platform to speak out against the world’s problems and looks to inspire the voiceless.


Position: Striker                     Nationality: Brazilian

Any women’s footballer list cannot end without Marta’s addition. Undoubtedly one of the World’s best footballers, she is called the “Pele in skirts”, and quite literally the female equivalent of Pele. The world has lost track of how many times she has turned a defender around and left her in the dust. That includes dribbling through opponent defences with her superb skill, creating goals thanks to her vision, and scoring them thanks to a tenacious desire to succeed. She is also the highest-scoring footballer in the World Cup, with 19 goals up her sleeve.


What do you think of the list?

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