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2022/23 UEFA Nations League draw: League A results

The third edition of the UEFA Nations League is set to begin in June 2022 with the finals being scheduled for July 2023. Check out the 2022-23 UEFA nations league draw and League A results.

Last updated: 26.05.2022
2022-23 UEFA Nations League draw

The third edition of the UEFA Nations League is set to begin in June 2022 with the finals being scheduled for July 2023. The 2022/23 edition of the draw took place on Thursday, 16th December 2021. France are the holders after defeating Spain in a thrilling final of the last tournament in October last year.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is being played in November 2022, unlike the traditional months of June and July, to avoid the extreme heat of the summer in the host nation. So, the Nations League fixture calendar in the league stage is set to be played in June 2022. The group stages conclude in the only other international window available before the World Cup in September.

The UEFA Nations League has garnered a lot of prestige and praise over the last two editions because it pits like-for-like sides against each other. So nations from every front of Europe play against those at the same calibre, meaning small nations will avoid heavyweights and vice versa. The Nations League is divided into four leagues which are divided into three to four groups. 

The powerhouses of European football, nations with the top UEFA rankings are placed in League A. It consists of four groups with four teams. The draw result of the league is as follows:

League A1 

1) France

2) Denmark

3) Croatia 

4) Austria


1) Croatia vs Austria (03/06/22)

2) France vs Denmark (03/06/22)

3) Austria vs Denmark (06/06/22)

4) Croatia vs France (06/06/22)

5) Austria vs France (10/06/22) 

6) Denmark vs Croatia (10/06/22)

7) Denmark vs Austria (13/06/22) 

8) France vs Croatia (13/06/22)

9) Croatia vs Denmark (22/09/22)

10) France vs Austria (22/09/22)

11) Austria vs Croatia (25/09/22) 

12) Denmark vs France (25/09/22)

Nations League holders France have placed alongside Euro semifinalist Denmark while usual customers Croatia and promoted nation from League B, Austria. It is expected Les Blues will top the group to make it into the semifinals in 2023. 

League A2 

1) Spain

2) Portugal

3) Switzerland 

4) Czech Republic 


1) Czech Republic vs Switzerland (02/06/22)

2) Spain vs Portugal (02/06/22)

3) Czech Republic vs Spain (05/06/22)

4) Portugal vs Switzerland (05/06/22)

5) Portugal vs Czech Republic (09/06/22) 

6) Switzerland vs Spain (09/06/22)

7) Spain vs Czech Republic (12/06/22)

8) Switzerland vs Portugal (12/06/22)

9) Czech Republic vs Portugal (24/09/22) 

10) Spain vs Switzerland (24/09/22)

11) Portugal vs Spain (27/09/22) 

12) Switzerland vs Czech Republic (27/09/22)

One of the oldest rivalries in world football, the Iberian Derby will be reignited again as Spain will fight against Portugal for the semifinal spot in League A2. Switzerland and the Czech Republic both provided impressive displays in the previous Nations League campaign as well as in the Euros in the past summer. They are capable of upsetting the odds. 

League A3

1) Italy 

2) Germany 

3) England 

4) Hungary 


1) Hungary vs England (04/06/22)

2) Italy vs Germany (04/06/22)

3) Germany vs England (07/06/22)

4) Italy vs Hungary (07/06/22)

5) England vs Italy (11/06/22)

6) Hungary vs Germany (11/06/22) 

7) England vs Hungary (14/06/22) 

8) Germany vs Italy (14/06/22)

9) Germany vs Hungary (23/09/22) 

10) Italy vs England (23/09/22)

11) England vs Germany (26/09/22)

12) Hungary vs Italy (26/09/22)

The group everyone will look forward to. Undoubtedly, the 'group of the death' of League A3 consisting of Euro champions Italy, Euro finalist England, Germany undergoing a new era and tricky customers Hungary is set to produce some enthralling football on the pitch. There is no surety of either of these nations to comfortably secure first place in the group. The meeting between Germany and England is historically and culturally wrapped around while the three lions will fancy a rematch of the European Championship final against the Azzurris. A tough group to place your predictions on. 

League A4 

1) Belgium 

2) the Netherlands 

3) Poland 

4) Wales 


1) Belgium vs Netherlands (03/06/22)

2) Poland vs Wales (03/06/22)

3) Belgium vs Poland (06/06/22)

4) Wales vs Netherlands (06/06/22)

5) Netherlands vs Poland (10/06/22)

6) Wales vs Belgium (10/06/22)

7) Netherlands vs Wales (13/06/22)

8) Poland vs Belgium (13/06/22)

9) Belgium vs Wales (22/09/22)

10) Poland vs Netherlands (22/09/22)

11) Netherlands vs Belgium (25/09/22)

12) Wales vs Poland (25/09/22)

Belgium and Netherlands are serious customers to go in the tussle for a place in the last four while Robert Lewandowski's Poland and an ambitious Wales are counting their chances as well. The Red Devils are desperate to finally win silverware with their golden generation while the Dutch want to do the same after coming close to securing the trophy in 2019. Another interesting group in the making.

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