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5 incidents which resulted in red cards after the final whistle

Football brings the best and the worst out of everyone, mostly the ones on the pitch. We will look at the 5 incidents which resulted in red cards after the final whistle.

Last updated: 18.10.2020
5 incidents which resulted in red cards after the final whistle | Sports Social Blog

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Football brings the best and the worst out of everyone, mostly the ones on the pitch. Fouls are part of the game and some of the worst fouls are the ones that prevent the opposition from scoring or creating a goal scoring opportunity. Managers or other people on the pitch can commit offences too. Referees then take it upon their hands to brandish yellow or red cards depending on the severity of the offence. Now, cards are pretty common in football games but what is uncommon is that being branded after the final whistle. Recently, Reece James received the same treatment during England’s Nations League defeat to Denmark. 

We would be looking at some other incidents of the same nature:

Carlo Ancelotti:


This happened last season when a goal was cancelled in a match between Everton and Manchester United due to Richarlison being in the offside position when he hadn’t even touched the ball. When the full-time whistle was blown, Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti stopped arguing with the fourth-official and stormed straight to referee Chris Kavanagh to show his displeasure with the decision. Unable to take anymore from him, the referee carded him off the ground even though the full-time whistle had been blown

Victor Valdes:

Barcelona were in firm control of the title race in 2013 and the El Classico to be held at Santiago Bernabeu was an ideal one to put some considerable gap between themselves and their archrivals. The match was drawing at 1-1 when Barcelona claimed a penalty when Adriano was tripped by Sergio Ramos. When the referee disallowed Valdes got furious and rushed at the referee and swore at him, before sealing his own fate and receiving a yellow then a straight red card after the 90 minutes.

Andre Ayew:

During his time at Marseille, Ayew was frustrated throughout his time as Marseille were treated unfairly by the officials. In particular Ayew’s frustration would be the weird circumstances in which he was red-carded after the final whistle against PSG, which handed the title to the Parisian club. Marseille were leading by 3 goals to 2 against PSG. Ayew was already on the referee’s books when after the final whistle, Ayew thought it was intelligent to quarrel with the referee. He was thus red carded after the whistle.

Danny Rose:

Brawls on the pitch have never resulted in something good. It wasn’t any different in this scenario when England and Serbia fans engaged after a U-21 match leading to the Euro 2013. The crow threw some stuff into the ground and officials got into the brawl as well. Danny Rose got the worst of the brunt when he was red carded for kicking a ball into the ground.

Neymar and Carlos Bacca:

It was a Copa America match when the ex-Barcelona man started the brawl by booting the ball into the back of Colombian defender Pablo Armero, who was very close to him at the time. Colombians swarmed him and then what appeared was that Neymar headbutted Murillo only for Bacca to shove Neymar from the back. This brawl earned both of them a red card.

Do you think any other incident deserves much more attention?

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