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Aaron Wan-Bissaka And 8 Things You Should Know About The New Man Of Manchester United

Aaron Wan-Bissaka is joining the "Red Devils" with the high record of the transfer fee for a defender in Man Utd's history.

Last updated: 31.07.2019
Aaron Wan-Bissaka And 8 Things You Should Know About The New Man Of Manchester United | Sports Social Blog

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Manchester United is building a strong and solid defensive line as their human resources now are not qualified, or not having a stable form. They still need a young, enthusiastic, and passionate player who can carry the back of the team. Wan-Bissaka is a perfectly fitting piece for the puzzle in the plan of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 

The current manager, which is also a legend of Man Utd, is reconstructing the team with the core parts from youngsters. Forwards are Marcus Rashford (21 years old), Anthony Martial (23 years old). Midfielders are Paul Pogba (26 years old), while backward are Luke Shaw (24 years old) and Victor Lindelof (24 years old). 

Let's find out the eight things you need to know about Aaron Wan-Bissaka – the young potential defender in Premier League. 


1. Wan-Bissaka was a fan of Manchester United as a child

Despite being born in London, Wan-Bissaka supported Man Utd when he wore a United shirt in the 1990s. His photo shows his family with father, mother, him and older brother wearing the red shirts. However, he grew up in London and went to Crystal Palace club to start his journey. He had a debut match in Premier League in 2018 when Palace faced against Tottenham.

2. He recorded the third highest amount of tackles in Premier League season 2018 – 2019.

This fact makes him special. Wan-Bissaka said he likes tackling and indeed, he registered totally 129 tackles in 35 matches last season. This is an incredible number of tackles as only few defenders can have that many tackles in Premier League in a season. Wan-Bissaka must have a clear mind, strong body, and great stamina to do this. 

Statistically, Wan-Bissaka is the best tackler in Premier League at the age of 21. With his powerful play style, he is a nightmare to all the wingers since only few of them can dribble past him. He is strong, consistent, and always challenges for the ball.

3. He recorded the second highest number of interceptions in the league season 2018 – 2019

As mentioned above, Wan-Bissaka is always challenging the opponents for the ball. He runs, chases down, tackles, and intercepts every time the opposite attacker has the ball on his side. This young blood is soon an essential part of the team and helps to build a solid defensive line for Palace. 

Standing at the second place about a total number of interceptions last season in the Premier League, Wan-Bissaka had a wonderful time with Crystal Palace. He reached 84 times of interceptions and is only behind the defender of Watford with 86 times. He is considered as one of the best young sides back in the Premier League.

4. Wan-Bissaka will earn up to eight times what he got paid in the former club

The £50-million- contract of Man Utd will get offered around £90,000 per week, which is much higher than the amount Palace paid him. The number of that time was only £10,000 per week. 

5. He was almost kicked out of the club in the past

You may not know this, but Wan-Bissaka could not have started his career in Crystal Palace due to a late presence. It was when he's 14 years old; he showed up late in a training session because of having eaten poisonous food. 

According to his father Mr. Ambroise, Wan-Bissaka was pushed into the bench for a long time before he considered leaving the club. He got the attention of two big clubs in London – Arsenal, and Chelsea. However, Palace gave him a chance with a 3-month trial before he got a 4-year official contract with the club.  

6. He used to play as a striker when he was a young player

Yes, Wan-Bissaka started his career as a forward. He could play on the side as a winger or at the center as a striker thanks to the great stamina and strong body. When first joining Palace, he still played the same position, and things changed in the middle of the season 2016 – 2017.

7. He got Player of the Month prize at Crystal Palace just after a month of the debut match

This potential defender received the respected award in Premier League after a great beginning. The first match was against Tottenham, a dangerous club with many attacking super stars such as Son Heung Min, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen. He had a successful debut at that time after recovering from an injury. 

Wan-Bissaka showed his abilities and a great performance against Manchester United and Chelsea. This won him the Player of the Month award at the club in March 2018. 

8. After facing Wilfried Zaha in a training session, Wan-Bissaka changed his position to a side-back 

As said above, the first position of Wan-Bissaka was a forward, but he got his position changed in 2016 – 2017. What was the reason?

It was when he faced Zaha – a Palace’s star and one of the talents in the Premier League at the time – in training. He locked Zaha down and got him isolated all the time. He tackled, challenged, and took the ball from the star player and that performance was captured by the coach.

Palace’s coach brought out an idea and gave Wan-Bissaka a test. Since then, he has been playing as a right-back and now becomes one of the best young defenders in the world.

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Above are the things you may not know about Aaron Wan-Bissaka – a new potential contract of Manchester United. He’s strong, tall, fast, and aggressive. He shows his defensive skills very well with an impressive statistic in the last season. Also, he just made his debut in Premier League 2018 – 2019 at Crystal Palace and immediately got attention from Man Utd. 

“The Red Devils” are rebuilding their backlines and Wan-Bissaka is absolutely a great supplement. 

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