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Arjen Robben, Better with Age

The 33-year-old Dutch winger just keeps getting better with age as he bagged two goals and an assist in a friendly against Ivory Coast.

Last updated: 18.08.2022
Arjen Robben, Better with Age | Sports Social Blog

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The 33-year-old Dutch winger just keeps getting better with age as he bagged two goals and an assist in a friendly against Ivory Coast. Since club football is out for the summer football fans keep themselves entertained with international friendlies. A rather young Dutch side who was captained by Arjen Robben was set to face Ivory Coast in the ongoing international friendlies. The Netherlands, who recently bloomed within young talent like Memphis Depay, Gini Wijnaldum, Vincent Janssen and many other players lacked only one thing, which is the experience. Plenty of experience was provided to the youngsters as they were being captained by treble winner Arjen Robben who is without question the most experienced player in the current Dutch side.

As the match began the Netherlands had a shaky start as they let Ivory Coast away with an attempt but slowly regained controlled as Veltman headed the ball from the corner and gave the Netherlands the breakthrough goal. To top it off Janssen was brought down in the penalty area by Ivory Coast's goalkeeper and gave away a penalty only to be converted by the star winger who is still playing in top-tier football in Germany at Bayern Munich. Arjen Robben proved to be a menace and was dancing around the opposition's defence and eventually assisted Veltman to score his second of the game as Veltman managed to push the ball into the back of the net. Just in the space of 4 minutes, Robben managed to score and assist to settle the score as 3-0 at the break.

The second half began and the Netherlands was now toying around with Ivory Coast as they took complete control of the match.The goals continued as it was Robben again who struck at the near post with his weaker foot from a perfectly placed pass by Janssen. The score was now 4-0 and the young Dutch blood was showing a thirst for more as Depay and Janssen looked desperate to score a goal. Depot, after leaving old Trafford has found his form back in France whereas Janssen after proving himself in the Dutch league moved away to Tottenham only to become a bench warmer in Harry Kane's presence.


Remaining in the shadow of England's top goal scorer, Janssen had a lot to prove and eventually bagged his goal as well in the 75th minute to settle the scoreline as 5-0 in Netherland's favour. It was a happy moment for any Dutch supporter as the young Dutch side embraced the typical attacking game of Netherlands following the footsteps of recent Dutch legends like Van Persie, Sneijder, Overmars and the man who taught the Dutch style of play, for the time being, Arjen Robben.

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