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Best Football haircuts in 2020

Footballers and hairstyles come toe to toe or rather we can say from one head to another. Here we pick out some popular hairstyles that have circled around in 2020. Those that have strengthened players' fame around the globe.

Last updated: 01.10.2020
Best Football haircuts in 2020 | Sports Social Blog

Footballers and hairstyles come toe to toe or rather we can say from one head to another. Some of the famous names in the game feel the pride to shape their hair in such a way that it becomes their identity. Their face gets inscribed in memories because of their remarkable haircuts. 

Going by footballer's hairstyle, It is quite obvious that fans will engage themselves in making a similar outlook of their idols. Football is all about fans. So, the sport impacts the fan's minds in whatever ways. It is delightful and funny to watch at the same time with fans boasting player's hairstyles. 

Hence, we pick out some popular hairstyles that have circled around in 2020. Those that have strengthened players' fame around the globe. In the quarantine period, it was not so handy to get a stylish cut instead people leaped for getting a trim. But it won't settle out the demands of the public to exhibit famous hairstyles. 

5.  Jamie Vardy (Leicester City)

The Foxes all-time top scorer in the Premier League, Jamie Vardy not only shines with his boot but also with his hair. Over the years we have seen the 33-year-old flaunting different hairstyles from weird to cool ones. In the lockdown period, his wife Rebecca Vardy tried to make her husband's hair. Thankfully, it didn't stay. Jamie is back with his known haircut. The English striker has already taken the 2020/21 Premier League campaign by storm, scoring 5 goals in the first 3 games. Maybe the time has arrived for Leicester fans to go on with his hairstyle. 

4.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus)


Yes, Ronaldo is everywhere. It is not deniable that one of the greatest football players on the planet will demonstrate his hairstyle as well. The megastar had a couple of hairstyles this year for fans to copy. He made an addition to his zero cut hairstyle previously but then changed to irregular front hair waves post-lockdown. Presently, he has a hair top with complete zeros on either side.  In any case, those three looked fancy enough. His hairstyle changed but his dominance didn't. Cristiano led Juventus to another Scudetto title previous season with the hope of more success in the new one. 

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3.  Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

From one great to another. The Argentinian master-class was in news all summer with a possible exit from FC Barcelona in the cards. However, he decided to stay put amidst all the disarray he had with the club's board. Lionel Messi will continue producing magic for the Catalan giants for at least one season more before his contract runs down. So, fans are able to see the human they call the 'GOAT' come back with his stylish haircut. The 'Messi quiff' looks sensational if you put on a beard like him. But a plain face like Messi now is nothing less adorable. 

 2.  Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund)

Reus is back from his injury and played the DFL Super Cup defeat against Bayern Munich in a 3-2 thriller. Most importantly, his tantalizing hairstyle hasn't changed. Marco Reus will be remembered more for his hairstyle than his playing career for sure. Even his long injury spell and the lockdown period failed to disturb his famous hairline. The forward's hairstyle is primarily an undercut with a comb-over and slight zeros on both sides. It created Rues's textbook hairstyle.  Fans will be once again flaunting his hairstyle now that he's back.

1.  David Beckham ( Owner and President of Inter Miami)

But one hairstyle that tops any list on the world is David Beckham's one. An Up-gradation to Rues's undercut in a more scintillating way, Beckham is the king of the list. No doubt, why he is a pick for the ladies. The master of free-kicks may have retired from football but the stigma of his hairstyle adds to his world driven fame. Presently, Beckham is the owner and president of Inter Miami. The MLS outfit, playing their first-ever season, is in the quest to be a powerhouse in American soccer. It is hopeful that  the club will grow like their president's mind-blowing undercut.

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