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Top 5 best performances of Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho will forever hold a place in our hearts for his brilliance on the pitch and fun-loving demeanor off it. Here we look at his top 5 best performances.

Last updated: 06.05.2022
best performances of Ronaldinho

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If we are going to talk about legends of football, the first name on the list is definitely Ronaldinho. This Brazilian guy is blessed with such a football instinct that made any match an extraordinary one. In this following article, we would explore Ronaldinho Best performances of All Time. 

The technique. The flair. The hair. That smile. Those ... teeth.

Ronaldinho will forever hold a place in our hearts for his brilliance on the pitch and fun-loving demeanor off it. If not one of the very best footballers of all time, he's undoubtedly one of the most entertaining.


As Ronaldinho celebrates his 37th birthday on Tuesday, there is no better time to take a look at the best goals of his career.

Barcelona vs Osasuna, October 2004

Ronaldinho won his first major club title with Barcelona in 2004/05, winning La Liga and ending a six-year trophy drought for the club*. Ronaldinho contributed 10 assists and 9 goals in the league that season, none better than this wonderful kick goal between two defenders.

Barcelona vs Chelsea, March 2005

It was one the most memorable matches of Ronaldinho. He won the world Player of the Year award in 2005. But Chelsea wins the match with a score of 5-4 Ronaldinho's astonishing outside-the-boot goal from a standing position will live forever in our memory.

Brazil vs England, 2002 World Cup  

Ronaldinho had just finished his first season in Europe with PSG when joined up with Ronaldo and Rinaldo to make up Brazil's 'Three R's" that stormed to the 2002 World Cup. Ronaldinho's shining moment that summer was this game-winning free kick in the quarterfinals. Poor David Seaman never had a chance.

Barcelona vs Villarreal, November 2006


The best goal of Ronaldinho's career. Everything about it is perfect. From Xavi's cross, to the chest trap, to the body control, to the finish. After the game, Ronaldinho told reporters he dreamt of scoring a goal like this since he was a little boy. He would never score a better one. It was outrageous. It was gorgeous. It was brilliant. It was Ronaldinho.


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