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Boy misses his own wedding to play football 

The story is of a man, from the ‘God’s own country’, who created a daunting situation which a person would never dare.

Last updated: 31.01.2019
Boy misses his own wedding to play football | Sports Social Blog

We have seen several scenarios when it comes to football. It ranges from friends turning foes on a football field, conflict of interest with family, bunk exams, forget a date with a girlfriend and what not for the beautiful game! Passion is good and righteous, but, it can be gruelling.

The story is of a man, from the ‘God’s own country’, who created a daunting situation which a person would never dare or even think of pursuing. Ridvan, a key player of FIFA Manjeri, a team which participates in the Malappuram 7s League in Kerala, took the most difficult decision of his life on his wedding night.

On an auspicious day, people tend to socialize with friends, welcome family members, think of starting a new life filled with love and bonding. But, our star from Southern India, Ridvan, caught himself up in a dilemmatic situation. He had to choose one between his ongoing marriage ceremony or play football for his team.  His team needed a defender to play in the 7s league. Although, for most of us, the decision is quite plain ie. attending the marriage ceremony. But, to Ridvan, the option was not so mainstream like us. He sought to his wife, “ Excuse me for 5 minutes” and rushed onto the 7s match!

Fortunately, the team emerged victorious - thanks to Ridvan’s robust defensive abilities. But, back in his home, everything was not happening as scheduled. The bride and her family were deeply annoyed by Ridvan’s action. The bride was astounded to acknowledge her would-be-husband choosing a ‘ random football match ' over the marriage ceremony, as she asked, “ so, if the game was at noon, would you cancel the marriage for the game? “

Must have been difficult to revert to the questionnaire his princess and the other members must have asked. Nobody knows how Ridvan handled the hostile situation which was self-imposed by him. Albeit, for the time being, he has established the fact again that football takes over, no matter what the situation is. So, the next time you plan to avoid your team’s call-up, remember what Ridvan did on his marriage day!

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