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Bundesliga - The destination for the brightest English talent

It is not easy in the Premier League, where overseas players are responsible for 66% of the overall minutes played.

Last updated: 09.02.2019
Bundesliga - The destination for the brightest English talent | Sports Social Blog

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They may be struggling with the language, but what matters, in the end, is that their actions speak louder than words as they are making themselves perfectly understood with their football.

If you're a teenager in one of the top Premier League clubs, chances of playing in the first team are very limited or maybe even nil in some clubs (ask Chelsea). It is not easy in the Premier League, where overseas players are responsible for 66% of the overall minutes played.


So what do you do? How do you develop and fulfil your promise as a player?

It looks like Germany are lending their old rivals England a helping hand. Bundesliga has been the destination for the brightest English talent over the last two years.

Everyone benefits - The youngsters, the clubs and there is a possibility that even the English national team could benefit.

In previous years, a move to a lower ranked club outside of the Premier League could result in the player being a forgotten man back home, to coaches and fans. But things have changed now.

Jadon Sancho leads the way for the English youth

Jadon Sancho is the history-maker leading the way for young English players settling in Germany. He became the youngest English player in history to make his Champions League debut for a club outside of England. Having paved the way for the next generation of stars, it is only a matter of time before this record is broken.

Ademola Lookman - RB Leipzig (on loan from Everton), Reece Oxford - Monchengladbach (on loan from West Ham), Mandela Egbo - Monchengladbach (in 2015), Ryan Kent - Freiburg (on loan from Liverpool), Kaylen Hinds - Wolfsburg, Kevin Danso -  Augsburg (In 2014), Reiss Nelson - Hoffenheim (on loan from Arsenal) and Keanan Bennets - Monchengladbach are the other English youngsters plying their trade in Germany's top division.

So far, Sancho has shone brightest and is one of the hottest teenage sensations in world football today.

TV riches have triggered a change in mentality at the top end of the English game. The high wages are attractive to the world-class players who go into the Premier League from abroad, which hinders the development of the English youth. And German clubs have shown that they are interested in talented players who could later develop into valuable assets.

England's future looks bright after the World Cup

Germany are doing a huge favour for their rivals as talented young English players are getting game time at a crucial stage in the players' development, while the German players sit on the bench.

The grass may not be green in the Premier League but it is definitely greener in Germany. With the right skills, development and game-time, England may actually boast one of the best squads in the next few years. And who knows, the World Cup may finally come home.

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