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Champions league 2021-22 prize money breakdown and distribution

Here we take a look at the champions league 2021-22 prize money and distribution. The UEFA Champions League is one of the sport's biggest competitions and clubs can earn a good amount of prize money.

Last updated: 27.05.2022
Champions league 2021-22 prize money breakdown and distribution

The UEFA Champions League is one of the sport's biggest competitions and clubs can earn a good amount of prize money through a number of revenue streams on and off the pitch.

Not only is the UEFA Champions League one of the most enthralling sporting competitions on the planet, but also one of the world's most lucrative tournaments in financial terms. Each team participating in the 2021/22 edition of the tournament is given the chance to earn a maximum of just over €85.1 million (£73.56m). That sum would be if a side were to win every match at the group stage and go on to lift the trophy in Paris next May, on top of "coefficient-based" payments and television money.

Not only can clubs receive cash for their teams' performance but also through the aforementioned TV revenue and "coefficient-based" payments. UEFA states that €600.6 million (£519.26m) euros are set aside through a system using the confederation's ranking of the clubs competing, based on points picked over the preceding 10 years.

UEFA also says that a total of €300.3m (£259m) in TV cash is to be shared out among the Champions League clubs in 2021/22. Each country is allocated an amount that they can distribute to the relevant broadcast companies. The figure is dependent on how far each of that nation's teams progresses in the Champions League on top of where they finished in their domestic league in the previous campaign.



Not only that, but the amount sides receive is impacted by how many clubs the country has in Europe's elite competition.

It is believed that 2020 runners-up Paris Saint-Germain received more TV income than champions Bayern, partially because they had fewer clubs to share the money with.



The Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact, however, with UEFA opting to recoup a portion of its revenue shortfall over the next two seasons until the new Champions League format comes into place in 2024. The governing body is set to deduct a portion of € 83.3 million (£71.7m) from the total €2.732 billion (£2.3m) allocated between its three competitions this term. That will be "in proportional amounts per competition and in proportion to each individual club's income."



Stage Prize Money

Winner -    $22.69 million

Runner-up -        $17.59 million

Semi-finalists -   $14.18 million

Quarterfinalists -         $12.02 million

Round of 16 -     $10.89 million

Group-stage wins -      $3.17 million

Group-stage draws -    $1.05 million

Group stage -     $17.74 million


Right now Manchester City is leading Real Madrid on Aggregate in Semi-Final 1 and the Semi-Final 2 is set to take place on Thursday.


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