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Champions League reforms: Are they better than the Super League

When the aspirant project was making headlines, the Champions League made an important announcement. They will go into effect in the 2024/25 season. The 32-team group stage has been replaced by a single 36-team league.

Last updated: 04.05.2021
Champions League reforms

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It was easy to lose sight of it in the middle of all the Super League drama last week. However, when the aspirant project was making headlines, the Champions League made an important announcement. Although the central board of UEFA operated with the backlash from their breakaway clubs on Monday, amendments to their big tournament were secretly ratified.

They will go into effect in the 2024/25 season, with the following major differences:


The 32-team group stage has been replaced by a single 36-team league.

At least ten matches will be played by each club (with no repeated fixtures)

One third-placed team in the league that is ranked fifth in UEFA's coefficient, one additional domestic title winner from the champions' path, and two clubs with the highest coefficient that did not qualify through the conventional route each receive four additional slots.

The top eight teams in the table qualify for the last 16 with teams in places 9-24 entering a seeded, two-legged play-off round to join them, with sides losing at that stage entering the Europa League. It will be interesting to see how betting websites like wincomparator modify their football odds for the champions league predictions in the upcoming seasons according to new champions league reforms.

It's recognized also as a Swiss model, and although it hasn't received the same level of hatred as the Super League, it's not far behind. Manchester City and Germany star llkay Gündoan, who vigorously protested against the proposal on media platforms, was one of those attempting to keep the movement momentum going.

Although the second part of his argument, that the Champions League fits well in its present form, might be exaggerated, there's no denying that it's far superior to something on the way. For a long time, he and many other top players and coaches have been concerned about just the immense number of games and four more being crammed into the schedule without regard for those who would be most affected. And it appears that managers are banding together to combat the backlog, with many using press conferences now to express their displeasure with the increase in Champions League games from 125 to 225 per season. 

The price that some are willing to pay seems to be a consideration of the demands on players and the possible ever-decreasing standard as game after game and tournament after tournament piles up almost all year. In addition, there are other problems with the new format, despite the governing body’s claims that it will ‘secure a positive future at every level and sustain domestic leagues’.

But for those teams they seem to like, some must play six (or more) games just to enter the segment formerly recognized as the group stage's holy grail. Excessive and irrational requests are being made. The difference between best and the rest will grow even further, calendar confusion will cause chaos on fixtures and physical conditioning, and, as is always the situation, it will be the fans who will bear the brunt of it. If this goes through, it will end up being nothing more than a Super League with a well-known name.

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