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Chelsea to keep Sarri

In My Opinion, I feel Maurizio Sarri should stay with Chelsea and had an unbeaten streak of 16 games in all competitions.

Last updated: 14.03.2019
Chelsea to keep Sarri | Sports Social Blog

Most of the football fans know about Chelsea’s history with managers. Firing head coaches is something that has become common with the club. Whenever there is a poor run of results, the head coach is questioned and his job is threatened.

We all know that Chelsea had succumbed to embarrassing defeats to Bournemouth and Manchester City losing 4-0 and 6-0 to both the sides and have come back strongly by defeating Fulham, Tottenham, Dynamo Kiev and managing a hard-fought draw against Wolves. Questions were raised against Sarri for not being able to implement the way of football he played in Napoli or not being able to handle the pressure of English Football. Rumours circulated that Chelsea Club is already looking into his successors to take over the club even when the season is not over, With the fans confused about whether Sarri being the man capable of taking Chelsea back to their glory days of winning the Premier League and being the European elite force they were a few years ago or Should Sarri leave the club for the betterment of the club?

In My Opinion, I feel Maurizio Sarri should stay with Chelsea. The Man came into the club taking over as the Head Coach and having an unbeaten streak of 16 games in all competitions which no other Coach has done with Chelsea. Eden Hazard has had the best Season under Sarri. While many question his style of football and his reluctance to play players in their dominant positions, Ngolo Kante arguably the best defensive midfielder in the world has been playing as right midfield who has been Chelsea’s most consistent attacking player in every game and him has embraced the change gracefully and has scored in vital games including scoring the opener against Manchester City earlier in the season to which Chelsea had won and snapped Manchester City’s unbeaten run.

We all know Pep Guardiola’s first season as Manchester City’s coach where he didn’t win the Premier League and finished third in the league and didn’t win any trophy until the next season where he broke the Premier League record for the most points, most goals, most wins and a record for most consecutive wins which was 18 games. Managers like Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte at Chelsea have proved to the owners by winning at their first season in charge. But not all managers are going to be able to do it. Sarri had just a month to prepare before the start of the season due to the World cup.

Like any coach would love the financial boost to go out and buy the players he wanted. Sarri has so far signed just 3 players out of which 1 will arrive at the start of the next season and has not received the support to buy the players he suggested. Coaches should be backed by the management and the fans by giving him a leap of faith and time. We are not sure that he can make us the force that Chelsea was 4 or 5 years ago, but what is football without risks. If Chelsea has to undergo a huge transformation in their style of playing and play at a higher level of intensity football under Sarri. All we can do is to give him time and to hope for the best.

Video: Sarri's Teamplay

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