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Chrisitan Eriksen’s Destination: Real Madrid or Manchester United?

The 2018-19 season is over and one player that is surely on everyone’s mind is Christian Eriksen. Where will Chrisitan Eriksen go: Real Madrid or Manchester United?

Last updated: 14.06.2019
Chrisitan Eriksen transfer | Sports Social Blog

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The 2018-19 season is over and we’ve had some standouts from all competitions. One player that is surely on everyone’s mind is Christian Eriksen. As the years have gone by, the 27-year-old Danish midfielder has become all the more versatile. He has proved to be the cornerstone for Tottenham’s incredible run this season, despite the club not buying any new players. He has grown into one of the club’s poster boys, putting the D in the Player Development - something that is championed at North London. He is very quintessential of classic central midfield play. Strong on both the left and the right, Eriksen’s vision is exceptional; and while he’s a more attack-oriented player, he can ramp it up in the defensive department if need be. He is the perfect player to provide ammunition to a capable attack with 12 assists, 8 goals, averaging 2.4 shots and 2.1 key passes in the Premier League. His passing accuracy of 81 might not seem like a lot on first passes but considering he is Pochettino’s go-to-man for all the risks like long balls and crosses, that figure is gargantuan. Fantastic set-piece ability, world-class read and long shot prowess make him one of the most sought after players in the world.

Deservedly for him, Eriksen is not under the radar like he was a few years back. His dominance in the world of football has been too great to ignore and the big teams are chomping at the bit to add him to their arsenal. But because he’s just as famous as he is good, his price tag is so hefty that for other than the most affluent of the clubs, the rest are just in the pipe-dream territory. His price shoots up by the day and €100 million+ transaction is anticipated.

Among all the big clubs like Barcelona, PSG, Manchester City, there are two heavyweights who are linked with the club: Real Madrid and Manchester United. Both are among the most decorated clubs and have won the most league trophies in their respective countries. Similarly, both teams have had disappointing 2018-19 campaigns, underperforming much to the dismay of fans who have become accommodated to being showered with silverware. It is because of this reason that they are looking to spend the beaucoup bucks to get the biggest players. It looks like Eriksen has fallen into crosshairs of red and white. Who will emerge victoriously?


Real Madrid finished third and won only 1 of their last 5 league games. Their midfield( Modric and Casemiro especially) has underperformed this year and they will look to sway the momentum. Real Madrid seems to have taken off the kids gloves with the beginning of the window. They have already spent over €300 million and are not ready to pump the brakes. After acquiring Eden Hazard after what seems like an eternity, Real are looking to double down on their good fortune. They might eye a €100 million + buy or go for a swap deal with Gareth Bale and some change. Real Madrid will surely favor the latter but Gareth Bale’s lofty salary might be a dealbreaker. Looking at the way Real have been spending, it looks like they’ll shoot first and ask questions later; there’s a good chance they will go straight to buying him instead of working a swap angle. Despite Real’s desire and penchant for ambition(in regards to Eriksen), Paul Pogba is a major fork in the road for all wanting the Danish maestro at the club. Both Pogba and Zidane seem to have great admiration for one another. He also has a similar and perhaps even higher price tag but Real Madrid and Zizou seem adamant to match it at the moment. Eriksen seems to have dropped down the list of priorities ever so slightly and the possibility of both players ending up at the Bernabeu is overly optimistic even for the might Lost Blancos.

Manchester United ended up 6th in the League losing their opportunity to play in next year’s UCL. They haven’t won any of their last 5 league matches. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was the recipient of much praise after winning consecutive matches but that took a vicious 180 turn after that initial string. Resultantly, fans are not pleased by either manager, players or the board and it is evident that major changes have to be made. Eriksen’s appearance would certainly contribute to turning the tide. He would be a terrific CM and provide the perfect amount of experience at a club that is excessively brimming with young players. Manchester United is among the highest earning and most valued football clubs in the world and they surely have the money to cast the proverbial fishing rod. Unlike Real Madrid, a swap with Pogba here is unlikely. There seems to be no particular interest on behalf of North London for the Frenchman. However, a Pogba related swap deal with Real Madrid would definitely put the Danish midfielder well within or at least near Man United’s clutches. There is a good chance they will end up with a change in a swap deal. With no amount of big spending in terms of transfers at that point, it would be hard to contest United in the race for Eriksen. Aside from all of that, having spent €84 million approx. in 2018-19, the Reddevils (often ranked among the wealthiest) will surely look to exercise their purse strings for the Danish International.

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