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Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus vs in Real Madrid

Is Cristiano still the same effective player in Juventus compared to Real Madrid? In this article, we will try to compare the old vs new.

Last updated: 01.03.2019
Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus vs in Real Madrid | Sports Social Blog

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It is quite evident that Ronaldo is proving to be the best in Italian football league Serie A. But still, the question arises whether is he still as effective in Juventus as he was in Real Madrid.

This move of €100m left all the Real Madridistas devastated as they now had to look for another left winger who could replace him which is very difficult as there are actually only a handful of players who can match his potential and performance. But this move skyrocked the cr7 net worth.

Juventus have put up an awe-inspiring performance in Serie A as they have won 22 of their 25 games played and are still on an unbeaten run. Even though the quality of the game in Serie A is not considered to be as good as the other Spanish (La Liga) and German Leagues (Bundesliga) still when it comes to Champions League Italian teams like Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, Roma, and many other teams have put up quite a good fight against the world-class teams.


We can never question the fact that Ronaldo is still one of the current best players as he has proved that by being the top scorer in Serie A with a total of 19 goals and 8 assists. Juventus has never had an unbeaten streak in Serie A for more than 20 matches. All this clearly proves the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is effective in Juventus too. We could clearly see Ronaldo struggling to score in the first few matches as it is obvious that any player would find it difficult to adapt to a new team with a totally different kind of gameplay and tactics. Still, he managed to have 23 shots in the first 3 games and he wasn’t lucky enough to find the net even once. But since then he has been wearing his shooting boots which turned out to be great for Juventus. The only platform where Ronaldo hasn’t been able to shine as well as in Juventus than in Real Madrid is in the Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo being the top scorer in the history of Champions League for Real Madrid he is not able to do the same for Juventus this year. He has managed to score only 1 goal in 6 appearances which is quite a poor performance according to his conversion rate.

According to the previous Round of 16 results, Juventus have conceded twice in the first leg against Atletico Madrid and it is a difficult task for Juventus to come back from the deficit as the opponents are very much known for their rock solid defence.

Ronaldo is in good terms with his teammates in Juventus too. And he has blent in quite well to the Italian style of playing soccer. Watching Ronaldo play for Real Madrid was really a treat for the eyes as they went on winning 3 consecutive Champions League titles. He has won 5 Champion league titles when he was playing for Real Madrid which is the most by any player. We have to digest the fact that things are never going to be the same with Ronaldo in Juventus as he is already 34 and to achieve the same stats with Juventus is almost a milestone impossible to achieve considering that Real Madrid is considered to be a much better team than Juventus.

It would be foolish to say that the era of Ronaldo has come to an end because we can see what he can do with the ball at his feet in Juventus too. He has still not shown any signs of fatigue and never fails to impress us when he is on the ball. It is not actually fair to compare Ronaldo in Real Madrid and Juventus because those are two completely different teams with different ideologies. And every time he is criticised for his performance he comes out better and stronger.

Video: Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus vs in Real Madrid

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