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Different types of passes in Football

Football is a game of passing. Without the passes, there wouldn't be any chance of scoring the goals. Check out here in this article about the different types of passes in Football.

Last updated: 21.05.2022
Different types of passes in Football

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Football is a game of passing. Without the passes, there wouldn't be any chance of scoring the goals. Passes have been an integral part of the game from the very beginning. From 'kick and rush' in the early years to 'tiki-taka' in the first decade of the XXI century.

Nowadays, there are different types of passes in football that are analyzed to the smallest details by the specialists. They distinguish many types of passes according to the player's positions on the field, direction of the pass or the stage of the game.


The Main Types of the passes in Football

Short pass - 

It is the most simple type of pass which is generally aimed at the nearest teammate. This basic pass is taught to the kids in the training. Most often performed With the inside of the foot.

Long pass - 

In this type of pass the aim is to pass the ball to the teammate which is on a different part of the pitch. An example of this is switching the play from one side of the field to the other side where a player has more space.

Through pass - 

It's a forward pass into free space behind the opposition's defensive line. The receiver of this type of pass will be arriving from another area of the pitch.

Backward pass - 

The direction of this pass is backward, as the name suggests. This is a defensive play when there are no options to play an attacking ball or teammates are well-covered by the opposition. It allows keeping possession.

Sideways pass - 

This pass is similar to a backward pass, the aim is to control the ball and keep possession.

Forward pass - 

In this pass, the plan is to use a more attacking field position and get closer to the opponent's goal.

Chip ball pass - 

It is similar to the through pass which is played into free space, but over a defenders head.

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