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Europa League 2020/21 Prize Money: Breakdown & Distribution

With just the final of the Europa League remaining, we take a look at how UEFA distributes the prize money to the 48 teams participating in the tournament.

Last updated: 11.05.2021
Europa League 2020-21 Prize Money Breakdown and Distribution

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The UEFA Europa League is a yearly football club competition coordinated by UEFA for qualified football clubs from Europe. The Europa League supplanted the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1971. Clubs qualify for the UEL based on their performance in the top-tier national league and cup competition of their country. It is presently the second-tier tournament of European club football, positioned between the UEFA Champions League and the third-tier UEFA Europa Conference League (also called the Conference League).

Europa League acts as a qualifier for the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup. The winner gets to feature in the Champions League for the next season. Spanish clubs have been the most successful in the Europa League by winning 12 titles, followed by English clubs and Italian clubs (9 each). Sevilla FC is the most successful club in this competition with six titles to their name.

Manchester United and Villareal are set to face the final of the Europa League this season on 27th May 2021. Earlier, UEFA announced that a total of €510 million will be distributed among the 48 clubs of 2020/21 UEFA Europa League. Here we take a look at how the money will be distributed between the participating clubs.


UEFA Club competitions revenue distribution system:

Total commercial revenue for UEFA for the 2020/21 season is €3250 million. Let’s take a look at how it will be distributed to different club competitions:


€3250 million

UEFA Champions League + Super Cup

€2040 million

UEFA Europa League

€510 million

Organizational costs

€295 million

Solidarity payments

€227.5 million

Remains with UEFA

€117.45 million


UEFA Europa League Prize money distribution:

Europa League gets €510 million from UEFA and another €50 million as an additional contribution from the Champions League clubs. This makes the total amount €560 million, which is 15.7% of the total commercial revenue for UEFA this season. This amount will be distributed to the 48 clubs who were featured in this season’s Europa League.


€560 million


Participating Fees

€140 million


Performance-based fixed amount

€168 million


Coefficient Rankings

€84 million


Market Pool

€168 million



Participating Fees:

Each club that participates (48) in the UEFA Europa League gets €2.92 million each.

Performance-based fixed amount:



Prize Money



€8.5 million



€4.5 million



€2.4 million



€1.5 million

Round of 16


€1.1 million

Round of 32


€0.5 million

Group winners

€1 million

Group runners-up

€0.5 million

Group match draw

€0.19 million

Group match victory

€0.57 million

Play-off round elimination

€0.3 million

Third qualifying round

€0.28 million

Second qualifying round

€0.26 million

First qualifying round

€0.24 million

Preliminary round

€0.22 million


Coefficient Rankings:

The clubs with the best coefficient rankings over the past 10 years get a fixed amount for participating in the Europa League. €84 million is distributed among all 48 clubs according to their coefficient rankings. Arsenal are the highest-ranked club in the coefficient ranking and will thus receive around €3.4 million. They are followed by Benfica, Tottenham, Napoli, Leverkusen, and 43 other clubs.

Market Pool:

Half of the global market pool amount will be distributed among the national associations represented by their clubs. The amount i.e €84 will be divided among the national federations based on their club’s previous performances in the competition.

The second half of the global market pool (€84 million) will be split into shares according to the rounds i.e group stage (40% - €33.6m), Round of 32 (20% - €16.8m), Round of 16 (16% - €13.4m), Quarterfinals (12% - €10.1m), Semifinals (8% - €6.7m) and Final (4% - €3.4m). These shares will be distributed to national associations with their club/clubs participating in the Europa League. 

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