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Facts about viewership records in Premier League 2022-23

Here we take a look at the facts about viewership records in Premier League 2022-23. The 2022–23 season set some of the biggest league-wide viewing records ever.

Last updated: 05.07.2023
Facts about viewership records in Premier League 2022-23

Every season, millions of supporters and spectators tune in to watch the Premier League, the most watched and well-liked football league in the world. The 2022–23 season was no exception, setting some of the biggest league-wide viewing records ever. Here are some statistics regarding Premier League 2022–2023 viewing figures.

The highest average viewership per match


The Premier League 2022–23 season had the greatest average viewership ever recorded, with 3.1 million people per game, according to data from BARB, the official source of TV ratings in the UK. This is an increase of 12% over the prior season when 2.8 million spectators watched on average each match. More than 75% of the UK population watched at least one Premier League game this season, according to the 205 million cumulative reach for the season.

The most-watched match Premier League 2022-23


The Manchester derby between Manchester City and Manchester United on November 12, 2022, received a peak viewership of 8.4 million viewers on Disney Star and was the most viewed game of the season. The previous record for a Premier League game on Disney Star, which was 7.7 million viewers for Liverpool vs. Manchester City on November 10, 2019, has been surpassed. Additionally, the Manchester derby's 6.5 million average viewers made it the greatest average audience ever recorded for a Premier League game on Disney Star.

The most-watched team Premier League 2022-23


Liverpool was the most viewed team of the season, with 4.1 million viewers on average for each game on Disney Star. The average audience for this squad on Disney Star is also the greatest ever, breaking the previous mark of 3.9 million set by Manchester United in 2018–19. With 118 million viewers tuned in to see Liverpool at least once over the season, they also had the most total reach of any team.


The most-watched platform Premier League 2022-23


JioCinema was the most popular platform for viewing Premier League games, with an average viewership of 1.5 million viewers for each game across several devices. This is a 25% increase over the last season when 1.2 million viewers on JioCinema watched each match on average. On the day of the TATA IPL Final, JioCinema also had its greatest concurrent user count, with 12.6 crore viewers coming in to watch IPL games on connected TVs.

The most-watched region


London had the highest average viewing audience on Disney Star, with 1.1 million viewers per Premier League match. This is a 10% improvement from the previous season, when Disney Star in London averaged 1 million viewers each game. 38 million viewers tuned in to see at least one Premier League game in London, which also had the biggest overall reach of any area. These statistics on Premier League 2022–2023 viewing demonstrate the league's continued appeal and growth in popularity across platforms and geographies.


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