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Fantasy Premier League: 4 Best Bargains Right Now

Here are so great value-for-money picks to look at as your FPL journey progresses after the storm that was GW 8.

Last updated: 10.10.2019
Fantasy Premier League: 4 Best Bargains Right Now | Sports Social Blog

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GW 8 was hell for a lot of FPL players. The Average Points was a mere 36. Surely this was in part due not only to the fact that Kevin De Bruyne was injured out but also that Manchester City surprisingly lost their match against the wolves. Now with a few weeks of no club football, it’s time to re-evaluate and get more efficient. Of course, everyone needs a few big players like Aguero, Salah or Aubameyang among others. But any great team needs to have a good balance of the costly players and the cheaper players to ensure maximum points. Today we’re looking at the cheaper players who have a great value for money right now.


1. Matthew Ryan ( GK; Brighton; 4.6 Million):


The Brighton Gk has been in great form and has scored 4 and more points in 4 matches so far. This is only just clean sheets but the fact that he’s tested a lot as goalkeeper and thus the save- count is high. And for 4.6 million, he’s one of the cheapest picks in the game. There’s really no reason not to go for him.


2. John Lundstram (DEF; Sheffield United; 4.5 million):

An absolute must-buy if you’re looking to buy an expensive player in another position. He’s one of the cheapest players in the game with an incredible advantage. That advantage is the fact that he plays midfielder a lot of the time. This makes him more equipped to provide assists and even score. That is why he’s one of the defenders with the most amount of points. 


3. N’golo Kante’ ( MID; Chelsea; 5 million):

N’golo Kante’ is not topping the charts in regards to points(and is probably the most contentious pick of this list) but that could change. In Chelsea’s recent matches (Liverpool and Southampton), he’s become more and more adaptable and often moves forward and becomes an offensive aggressor. He will have no hesitation to seamlessly switch to more of a CF or CAM role, which is why he scored in both those games. Thus he has a good chance of netting some decent points in the games to come and he comes really cheap at 5 million. 


4. Joshua King (FWD; Bournemouth; 6.3 million):

Forwards are the most expensive players in the game, because of their position allows them to score as much as possible or at least contribute. So you have to pick your front line very carefully in the game. You will end up getting an expensive forward, if you want to score points but to balance that you need to get a cheaper one as well. You will need someone who is at a low price and contributes a decent amount apart from the expensive forward you have. In comes Joshua King. He has been brilliant so far, with 38 points and 5 direct contributions in 8 matches. The fact that he’s 6.3 million and Bournemouth is performing really well, makes him even more of a bargain.

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