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Fantasy Premier League: Best Picks Right Now

FPL is looking extremely volatile thanks to players like Pukki and Sebastian Haller playing with everyone's expectations. Here's a look at some of the best picks for your squad right now

Last updated: 26.08.2019
Fantasy Premier League: Best Picks Right Now | Sports Social Blog

Another week of football to look forward to also means another week of FPL. Some of the results of GW 3 really put certain things into perspective as the PL is slowly concluding it’s the first month in the 2019-20 season. These are a few players you’ll need on your radar as we venture further into the Premier League.

#1. Teemu Pukki(Norwich; FWD):

Pukki is the top scorer of the league right now along with Raheem Sterling. He 29 year old from Finland had a brilliant start and is the most switched in the player of the Gameweek. He has had 5 goals and has accumulated a whopping total of 35 points so far. Last but not least, hovering around £6.9m he is the definition of ‘bang for buck’. Get him now before the price increases.

#2. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool; MID):

He is the most expensive for a reason. Salah scores in almost every game. He has been the golden boot winner for 2 seasons in a row. He scored a brace this weekend as well. He’s also a midfielder who should help a lot. Even though the price is high at £12.5 m he’s well worth it, especially with Liverpool facing Burnley next.

#3. Lucas Digne (Everton; DEF):

This is a bit of a risk, considering Everton lost their most recent game and are going to face Wolves next. But he has scored 18 points so far and is only £6 million. He has been consistent except for the last game (1 point). With Michael Keane to support him, it’s unlikely that with Wolves it’ll be the same as with AVL. Also, he seems guaranteed to play the match at least. He also had 33 appearances last season (plus 2 apps as subs) so at least you can get points for appearances. 

#4. Mason Mount (Chelsea; MID):

Despite the heavy 4-0 loss against Manchester United, Mason Mount has racked up 20 points. He is only £6.2 million and has played all 3 matches so far. There is an insane amount of value there. Chelsea is an extremely young squad at it’s core and it seems he will play even more games. There’s also the fact that he’s scored a goal apiece in his last two PL matches. Get him as quick as you can before the valuation/price increases. 

#5. Kevin De Bruyne (Man City; MID):

Get Kevin De Bruyne before the price point reaches £10 million: that should be a key objective for most FPL players. He’s had more assists than matches (4). He has scored decent points in all games( 7,11,5) so far. He’s playing consistently and there’s no sign of injury. He’s still expensive but if you can afford it, there’s no reason for hesitation. After all, he’s had an assist in every single game so far. With the dominant Man City facing Brighton next, the tally is highly likely to increase.

#6. Tammy Abraham (Chelsea; FWD):

Tammy Abraham looked fantastic as he netted a brace against Norwich. It looks as if he’ll play a lot of matches with Chelsea, playing 2 PL matches and the 1 Super Cup match. At £7.0 million, he could be another ‘bang for buck’ forward, especially when that position is littered with expensive players. Chelsea have their next match against Sheffield. While there is no guarantee that Chelsea will win, the odds are with them after their 3-2 win against Norwich spearheaded by Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount.

#7. Sebastian Haller ( West Ham United; FWD)

Sebastian Haller was really strong against Watford and at 7.4 million, he could be a steal of a forward. He racked up 13 points in that game alone. Even in the game against Man City where they were thrashed 5-0, he still got 2 points. He will play against Norwich next and looking at his form, it looks like he will find the net again.

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