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Fantasy Premier League GW 10: 5 Best Picks

The Premier League is back yet again to round off a rather taxing football week, just after the Champions League and Europa League match. With the Premier League comes the FPL and here are some of the best picks for GW 10.

Last updated: 25.10.2019
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The string of UCL and UEL matches gives way to another week of English football. It is going to be tricky to pick the right players given that the Champions League matches just occurred. Managers will make changes to combat fatigue and other managers might make changes to take advantage of the teams who just played midweek matches. And with the matches themselves getting more and more unpredictable with Arsenal losing and Liverpool drawing in the last Gameweek, FPL is getting all the more challenging. That being said, there are some consistent players who provide good value and score a lot of points that would be great for the coming week(s). Without further ado, let’s look at some of the best picks for GW 10.

#1. John Lundstram (Sheffield United; DEF):


He is one of the cheapest players and the highest scoring (points-wise) defender in FPL at the moment. The ultimate steal for just 4.6 million. He plays midfield for often than not, which gives him a chance to score. Combine that with clean sheet bonuses thanks to a well-laid defence by Sheffield and he is a must-buy. Even against a team like Arsenal, he managed 6 points. He has had 2 goal contributions and 4 clean sheets and has played every single match so far. 

#2. Matthew Ryan (Brighton; GK):

Matthew Ryan is going for 4.7 million and when it comes to him, it seems that one thing is guaranteed and that is saves. He has managed 30 saves so far. He has also had 3 clean sheets. Even if his clean sheet venture becomes unsuccessful, more times that not,  he has been able to counteract that with a vast no. of saves(in terms of points). He is up against a rather struggling Everton this GW and could rake in a decent no. of points.

#3. David Silva ( Man City; MID):

David Silva was benched in the Man City’s 5-1 thrashing against Atalanta in the midweek so it’s extremely likely that he will start in the upcoming game against Aston Villa. He is one of the best in terms of points(51) and he’s only 7.6 million. Silva is no.2 in terms of assists, behind teammate Kevin De Bruyne. He’ had 7 goal contributions so far along with 5 clean sheets. And for that amount of money, he’s great in terms of value. 

#4. Jack Grealish ( Aston Villa; MID)

The big issue here is that his upcoming match is against Manchester City and a loss is highly likely. That being said, he still might contribute to a goal. He’s also good in the long-term especially given that he’s going for 5.9 million. He’s scored 42 points so far, ahead of teammate McGinn. With 5 goal contributions and 2 clean sheets for that low a price, he’s someone you should be looking at. 

#5. Jamie Vardy ( Leicester City; FWD):

The most expensive pick on this list is Jamie Vardy. He’s going for 9.1 million and is one of the top scorers in the league with 6 goals. Vardy has yet to play a match where he hasn’t stayed for the full 90 minutes and he’s even managed 1 assist in the midst of that. Naturally, he’s one of the top FPL points-scorers with 54 points. He definitely shows why he’s going for such a hefty fee. A great pick for the upcoming game against a rather broken Southampton and for the entire season. Get him before the price shoots up to 9.5 million. 

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