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Fantasy Premier League GW 5: Best Picks

Fantasy Premier League is back after 2 weeks of the International Break. Here are some great picks for the 5th game week of English Premier League.

Last updated: 13.09.2019
Fantasy Premier League GW 5: Best Picks | Sports Social Blog

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After a painful two weeks and the consolation of the goal-heavy friendlies, the English Premier League is set to inject life back into football fans with Gameweek 5. The continuation of the EPL also means the resurgence of the Fantasy Premier League and after 2 weeks of no league football and taking GW 4 into consideration, there’s a lot of things to consider. Without any further delay, here’s a look at some of the best picks right now.


#1. Nicolas Pepe(Arsenal; Midfielder): 



A bit of a gamble given he’s only racked up 9 points so far. But there’s a high probability of him playing and being Arsenal’s attacking aggressor. Arsenal is up against Watford; a team that is yet to win a game with a bad start to their season.. With Aubameyang and Lacazette providing assistance, the £9.4 million rated midfielder is likely to contribute.


#2. Sebastian Haller (West Ham United; Forward):


West Ham will be facing Aston Villa, a team that is teetering near the bottom having lost 3 matches so far. Sebastian Haller has been brilliant so far, accruing. Haller has accrued 23 points and scored 3 goals so far. He missed one match but after it’s brilliant start to the season, West Ham won’t be benching him anytime soon. Couple the scoring rate with the fact that he’s a forward for £7.5 million and there’s no reason to not go for him


#3. Roberto Firmino (Liverpool; Forward):

Other than the match against Arsenal, Firmino has contributed directly to goals in every single game so far. His start to the season has been fantastic and Liverpool doesn’t look like they’ll lose a match anytime soon. Newcastle will have trouble facing Liverpool’s front three. And at the end of the day, he’s forward who contributes consistently with 27 points and at £9.5 is quite a bargain.


#4. Kyle Walker ( Manchester City; Defender):


The fullback seems strong in every single game. He has racked up 16 points so far and that tally will probably increase quite a bit in the upcoming match. Manchester City will face Norwich but since they have incredible possession, a strong defence and the most no. of clean sheets so far. Despite the efforts of Teemu Pukki, Norwich is 19th. So, a clean sheet is likely, on top of which, considering how often and how well he moves up the field, Kyle Walker could net a few points with a goal or an assist.


#5. Lucas Digne ( Everton; Defender):


Lucas Digne has garnered 23 points making him the second-best in the defenders’ ladder. Everton will face Bournemouth who are all the way down in 15th position, having won only 1 game. With Everton’s relatively strong team and keeper, it’s unlikely that they won’t win via clean sheet. He’s a little price at £6.1 million but considering he’s racked up quite a few points and already contributed to 2 goals (Assists), he’s a pretty good buy.


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